Can I Get an ARC If I'm a Dual Citizen Already?

Hi! Is it still possible for me to apply for an ARC if I’m already dual citizen (HK and Philippines). My mom is a Taiwanese Citizen but I am not. I’ve been using my Philippine Passport entering Taiwan ever since and haven’t used my HK Passport in entering Taiwan.

If your mum is already Taiwanese, you likely already are Taiwanese. You don’t want an ARC, it’s highly restrictive. Check with your TECO to get your Taiwanese ID.

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Your mother is a Taiwanese Citizen or just a Taiwanese National? Any case, you are a Taiwanese National if younger than ~40 yo, as Marco said.

Still, you can get an ARC as a Filipino.
If you are a Taiwanese, you can also get a TARC.
If you were born in Taiwan during a specific period, you can also get a citizenship instead of TARC.
You can get a RC as a HKer too.

I don’t know we’re still spectating nationals from citizens now :thinking: well but you don’t have any form of ID so It doesn’t count. Go to the household registration office and ask how you get your ID. Once you’re a citizen, you should only use Taiwanese passport and ID for any affair in this country. It would cause trouble if you use two different IDs in one country, no matter what country it is.

A dual citizen with Hukou can get ARC by moving out the HHR and using a foreign passport. You don’t need to throw away your ID to get the ARC.

I dunno about that part, but it’d be weird if they didn’t ask for your immigration record and find out that you hold an ARC and do something about it.

But I’m sure that if you try to use different passports to enter a country, you’d get stopped at the immigration. I could only assume it’s going to be more trouble if you’re found to use a foreign identity to find job here while you’re a citizen.

I also don’t see much merit of a citizen being in Taiwan on ARC as a foreigner, but it is possible.

Well I suppose one would try to do that if foreigners get paid more, which is a common practice here.

Foreigners are often paid much less than Taiwanese.

The vast majority of foreigners in Taiwan make below minimum wage.

Citizenship gives you rights and security.

Being a foreigner means always looking over your shoulder.

Have you been eating too much fish recently? :woozy_face:

My mom is a Taiwanese and Filipino Citizen. I am a Filipino and Hong Kong Citizen. I want to apply to be a Taiwan National but not Taiwan Citizen since Taiwan does not recognize more than two citizenship I think.

If you are a Taiwan national by birth, you don’t need to renounce your other nationalities to get an ROC passport and citizenship. You can collect as many citizenships as possible.

I am not a Taiwan National by birth. Thanks for the tip anyway.

Oops, I think I misunderstood your situation. In that case, what you would apply for is an ARC as a Philippine citizen. Or it could be a resident permit as a HKer, but I’m not sure if you can do it when you have a Philippine passport. Being a dual citizen is not a problem for an ARC application.