Can I tie my backpack on the back seat of my scooter?

Hello All,

I am planning to go around on my scooter (Yamaha Force). I would like to know the rules for carrying the bag on my scooter.

I saw there are luggage boxes that are fitted to the backside of the scooter, I prefer not to do that. Instead, I want to carry my backpack (L - 60cm and W - 30 cm) and I am thinking of tying the backpack using a rope on the back seat. Is it illegal to do that? or do you have any other suggestions?

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Unless you’re handy with rope, bungee cords might be easier for you and safer on the road. Legal or not there is a safety issue with rope poorly tied near a quickly spinning wheel. A dedicated and properly installed container is important (such as a backpack on a human back). I have a tank-bag with strong magnets and stow-away backpack straps (you can get them on Amazon now, mine was shipped from the US to Thailand and now I am shipping again from Canada to Taiwan). I’ve never installed a helmet case or panniers (i.e. saddlebags) at the back of my bikes because I don’t like the look, but on long trips I am a bit jealous of others who have.

it’s probably OK (and who cares, this is Taiwan), but a better alternative might be to stand the pack in the footwell., between your legs. this is better for bike handling and lower center of gravity. maybe a short loop of cord around the front somewhere for some added stability.


If people can load up 4 kids, I’m sure a backpack will be fine.


You are asking about legality, so it is Article 88 of

第 88 條


What is legal and what is not is often not relevant here. As suggested above, your main issue is safety and convenience. I’ve tied rucksack-type thingies onto my rear motorcycle seat and they invariably slip sideways and need constant attention. Perhaps there’s a “correct” way to do this, but I have no idea what it is. The rules tando quoted are actually very sensible (for once) because they’re derived from mechanical considerations.

Apart from that consideration, it’s an almighty pain in the ass to tie and untie.

Size your rucksack so that it can sit on the front footstep, and buy some sort of proper container for the back. If you don’t, you’ll be tearing your hair out with frustration around day 3.


Thank you for your reply.

Hi All,

Thank you for your reply. I will keep in mind about the things you have mentioned.

No, you cannot! By law, you are only allowed to: Carry 5 family members all together at the same time, ride holding a baby in front of your chest with 0 protection, ride barefoot, ride with a helmet that looks like a rice bowl, carry as many things as possible until it blocks all your vision and mobility. Saying that, you only can do the above, otherwise the penalty will be: NOBODY CARES! :rofl:


Exactly what I did when I did my huandao. Easy peasy.