Can I work in Taiwan using my NWOHR Passport + TARC? I have no National ID

Hello everyone, I’m from Thailand and new to this forum. So I have the Taiwanese passport without National ID and I also have the TARC. I am starting to apply for jobs in Taiwan so I can work there and fulfill my 1 year requirement to obtain HH registration in the process. One company that has interviewed me asked me if I have a work permit and I said no and would need their help to apply, to which they said they will consult with their HR. I’m not sure if it’s the right process but this is usually the process with foreigners in Thailand - they need their employer to apply for the 3-month work visa for them before they can enter the country. I assumed the process is the same for Taiwan or I could be wrong. Please help share your knowledge, I cannot find this information anywhere else and my Chinese reading skills are limited. I’d like to know if I can apply for a work permit they talked about without the company’s support, thanks!

From what I’ve seen from some of the other threads (someone correct me if I’m wrong) it depends on your situation. As a NWOHR with a foreign nationality you do come under the Employment Service Act (Art 79) by default meaning you need to apply for a work permit unless you fit one of the situations (WDA list) where you don’t need a work permit:
WDA List

WDA List

The most common situation is if you are already married to a National with HHR (Art 48-1-2) (WDA list point 2).

A slightly different route is if you have a lineal relative that your are staying with who has a HHR right now (Art 51). You can apply for a open work permit that doesn’t limit you to what you can work as. (Usually you have a AF353 code for your TARC but not necessarily as long as you have that lineal relative with Active HHR)

Maybe try to give a bit more info for your case, someone may know.

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As of 1/1/2024, NWOHR who was born abroad to at least one Taiwanese parent (with Taiwan ID) no longer need to stay in Taiwan for a year to obtain a Taiwan ID/household registration.

If the above situation applies to you, then you can apply for your Taiwan ID right now. Go to the NIA to obtain a piece of paper called the Residency Permit, and take it to your local household registration office to exchange for your new ID. The NIA will take your TARC back.

If the situation above doesn’t apply to you, or if you still want to live in Taiwan on your TARC, then you will require a work permit (there may be some exceptions), The work permit is not obtained by your employer. You need to apply for it yourself at the Ministry of Labor, and it will grant you open work rights so you can work for any employer.


Omg I did not know about this!! My lawyer friend in Taiwan told me I still need to stay for 1 year to be eligible applying for HH registration. Would you perhaps have some contact info of agencies who can provide this service?

I was indeed born outside Taiwan, to one of my taiwanese parents (my father) who had and still have active HH registration now. I would be extremely happy if I can just convert to full citizenship now.

But does this mean I would have to immediately complete the 4-month military exercise too? (I was born in 1997 so not 1 year thankfully). My worry now is I am now working overseas in Singapore, so joining military means I’d have to quit my job because no company will grant 4 months leave. Max leave I can ever take is 2 weeks.

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Please note I was over 20 at the time of applying for and obtaining NWOHR and TARC, hence the 1 year requirement, if I remember correctly. My cousins who applied the same when they were under 20 got the ID right away.

You need to be in Taiwan and do it in person.

Yes. I believe one year after obtaining your ID.

Then why do you want to obtain your ID now? You can just wait until you are ready to do your military service. Having a Taiwan ID while living in Singapore won’t benefit you in any way.

Do you have another nationality?

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No urgent reason. It’s just a long pending thing I would like to check off asap if possible. The taiwanese passport is also more useful than the Thai one for traveling. I often have business trips to Europe and I have to apply for visa every time with Thai passport, which is a time-consuming hassle.

You mentioned the military service is 1 year after obtaining the ID, not immediately? That’s hopeful, at least I can continue working in Singapore for 1 year after getting the ID and then do the military service after. Treat it as a career break, which I personally need now.


I think if your cousins have already have theirs done you probably know enough to do it yourself and with your relative’s help. You just need to make sure you get your police checks and whatever other required documents authenticated in TECO first (you may need to do some of the work in Thailand).

There’re a few others in the same situation planning to do the same in the near future, maybe you can look around the thread below.
@carolinabeach @Macaroni2628

For your military service issues, you can have a look at this:

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Thank you soo much, immensely helpful information about the military service requirement. Looks like I don’t have to serve as long as I’m still living overseas, but need to get the Overseas Compatriot Status to get permission to leave Taiwan without having done military service.

Now I will need to find an agent in Taiwan to help me do this after I get to Taiwan, as my Chinese conversation skill is low. The immigration officers might shoo me away haha. Thanks again!

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