Can Mosquito detect sick people?

I just came back from Cambodia with severe food poisoning, fever, diarrhea and generally poor state.
Mosquitoes love me! have a net over the bed so never had a problem before, ok had been getting up to use toilet frequently and leaving net open, they see opportunity and get in there, I have been savaged in bed with net closed, and after part recovered in my lounge on the sofa, I’ve never been attacked so much.
I’m thinking can they sense the sick and weak and know a easy suck?

Could be your fever and sweat attracting them. Could just be that they’re out in higher numbers after several days of warmer weather.

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Body odor, CO2.

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This should be the reason. Higher body temperature is why mosquitoes attack kids when given the choice between kids and adults. The OP’s fever from the trip could have been triggered by whatever induced the other symptoms. As you said, it’s the fever that’s attracting the mosquitoes

People with higher body temperatures, due to genetics, exercise, fever or pregnancy, also attract them


I came back from Cambodia once ridiculously sick as well with food poisoning or a stomach bug. It was the sickest I have ever been in my life.

As for your mosquito question I’m not sure. Mosquitoes love me at any time of year.

Yes bad sickness to, luckily only came out one end but the fever was unbelievably bad, worst I’ve ever had.
I loved it there but put me off returning.

Well, you were in Cambodia…