Can Nankang Software Park be reached by public transport?

Anyone been out there? How does one get there? MRT? Bus lines?

p.s. I live near Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT

Yes, MRT to Kunyang, then a blue something bus, not sure which ones, it’s marked on the bus stops, some go on Nangang road, some go on the road behind Carrefour with the TV stations on, then go through the software park.

I believe there is also a public bus that runs along ZhongXiao to and from Nangang.

[quote=“Rascal”]I believe there is also a public bus that runs along Zhongxiao to and from Nangang.[/quote]Number 212 runs along Zhongxiao, then turns left after Kunyang to go along Nangang road. This is not to be confused with another 212 that carries on along Zhongxiao.

212 doesn’t get that close to the software park.

You can take the MRT blue line and get off at the end, KunYang Station. Then walk across the street and take the 12, 15, 22, 36, 281, or 817. Maybe a few more. There’s a lot of busses that will get you that last mile.

If you come by Nanjing E. Rd, take 306.
If you come by Minquan E. Rd, take 32.
If you come from Neihu, take 620.
If you come from Tianmu, take 645.

You can also take the train from Taipei main station or Songsung station to Nangang station.

It’s a big hassle getting here, but maybe in a couple of years, they will have additional MRT stops. There will also be a world trade center and convention hall, but construction has only just begun.

I’ve never been clear where the Nangang Science Park is, even though I’ve been around that area countless times. It’s not where the Acer building in Xizhi is, is it? Or is behind Nangang train station or something? Road names?


It’s on Sanming road that goes across the river into Donghu. Then there’s Nangang road that goes west and turns into Bade road.
There’s no English on their website.

Thanks Richard. I know exactly where it is now.


We nearly moved our office to there, out of the crappy old place we are at now.
But then the Feng-Shui master didn’t like the place, so we stay put for the time being. :s

The MRT line goes right out there.
However, that section is not built yet.

Do you guys know that this is the area where they will move the World Trade Center exhibition facilities? This is the area where all future Computex shows will be held. There will be hotels, shopping malls and exhibition and office space in that big empty area that is there now. Watch it grow over the next few years. Like Hartzell said, there will be a subway here too. Anyway, the best way to get to this area is by car as Civil Blvd. extended goes right by this area before connecting to Bei Er Gao (no. 3 Highway).