Can openers

Yes, though you could rest it on the top and leave a small opening.

Ah, I’m a squeezer. I like it as dry as I can get it, especially if it’s in brine.

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I can’t remember the last time I needed an opener for a can of tuna though. You could always use God’s squeezers too :slight_smile:

I think the Costco tuna is like that (?). It’s probably the main reason I use a tin opener.

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Well, I have a more traditional can opener, for contingencies such as these. Best of both worlds!

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Yea I think someone gave me a can of Costco tuna and it required a can opener.

But I didn’t like Costco tuna, it tasted dry.

Maybe @tempogain can lend you his tin opener and you can eat it wet then? :grin:


Honestly I was very tempted to let my cat eat the Costco tuna. They were that bad.

I quite like it, compared to the other canned tuna available in Taiwan. Also like the fact that it’s in regular water as opposed to brine or oil or whatever.

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Pro tip…
Any and all can openers can do that. No need for fancy stuff. Just turn the opener on its side.

I found out about a year ago I had been doing it wrong my whole life.

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No shit? I’ll try it next time

The special safety can opener (with the loop around it) attacks the can where the lid is rolled into the body. It basically cuts that seam so it doesn’t spill water all over the place. Using a regular can opener sideways cuts right where the food is and it still creates sharp edges.

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Yeah, definitely. It’s a totally clean process without crazy sharp edges. And the top fits tightly back on.

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22 mins about a can opener, WTF
I did 8 seconds then scrolled all the way through to check and yes he seams to be talking about the can opener to the end.

what drugs is he on?

It’s quite interesting, to be honest.
Much better than many 22 mins videos you will see around! :wink:

It’s available on Pchome, I’ve recently bought one.

My family had one when we were living in Germany. I found it weird that I couldn’t find one anywhere in Taiwan, and I also saw that Technology Connections video while I researched why. But a couple of weeks ago, I needed something to save me shipping fees on Pchome, and I did a quick search and there it was.

I would have watched it but I had a can in the fridge that needed opening, :beer:

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You can enjoy it together!