Can openers

Why are they so hard to find here? Carrefour and other supermarket type stores don’t have them in store, and if I ask the workers there they look at me like I’m looking for some alien artifact. Seriously, such a common household item shouldn’t be too hard to find. If I can find it all they got is this:

Which is great if you must save weight but they tend to open cans with jagged edges, not to mention being a pain in the rear to use. I realize many cans these days are the easy open type but there are still plenty of non-easy open cans out there that requires a can opener (or a hammer and a chisel, as was used back before can openers were invented, yes cans were invented before the can opener).

I managed to find this type of can opener:

Which works real well by the way, it cuts the can open where the lip is, allowing you to open the can in such a way that the lid just pops off without any sharp edges, and it is fairly easy to use (but takes some getting used to). I had to order it from Ruten.

But I can’t believe that Carrefour don’t even have this type of can opener

Which every store should stock, especially 7-11.

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So…in summary, it looks like you successfully managed to find a can opener?

I’ve got two, not even including the shitty manual ones like in your first image.

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yea, but it’s weird how few shops here sell them…

IKEA sells it.



No need to keep searching. You already got the best one!

I’m pretty sure I got mine from one of those “stuff stores” that sells everything ever. It’s certainly not as fancy as something you’d pick up from the grocery store in the US, but it serves its purpose.


How many cans still require an opener? 83% of cans are now self opening.


Yeah but it’s that ONE TIME that you buy something that doesn’t have a tab that makes you remember why you didn’t get rid of it when you were going through possessions that you didn’t think you needed anymore.


Bought mine in a Carrefour, “B&Q” also sell them as do RT Mart and IKEA and likely lots of other places or buy one online 日光生活旋轉開罐器 - PChome 24h購物

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I don’t even remember last time I hand to use one. But we still have one somewhere in the kitchen.

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I’m surprised the OP couldn’t find a can opener at Carrefour as that’s where I bought mine. I’ve also seen them at the “everything” stores (e.g. 好朋友) as mentioned.


All can openers are designed to take the lid completely off, except the ones in the first picture, where those actually are designed to cut into the lid. However, the picture of the last one will leave a sharp edge to the can that can cut you if you’re not careful. I had one many years back like your fancy one that doesn’t leave a sharp edge, but it was considerably larger and didn’t work very well. Maybe they’ve improved.

Never had a problem finding them here.

Commenting on can openers…must be a slow day.


…until you accidentally break off that opening thing and are left with a half-opened can and no opener because you thought al of your cans are self-opening. Ask me how I know :roll_eyes:


And they still sell cans that aren’t self opening, like those cans of corns, some tuna cans…

That’s what the stick of dynamite in the shed is for.

17 percent?

Tuna from Costco is a pain in the butt because the wife refuses to even try. Maybe she is trying to make me feel like a real man.

I got one of those fancy ones that cuts around the outside of the lip and you kind of pry the whole top off. You can replace the top to tightly close the can for refrigeration.

Dynamite won’t go through steel. You need shaped charge for that.



Doesn’t that mean that you can’t put the lid back inside to, e.g., fully drain tuna?

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