Can RSA passport holders get a landing visa?

I’m pretty sure South African passport holders can get a 2 week landing visa right?..

Friends are coming for just over a week in November, on a legitimate visit…i.e. they aren’t coming to try and find work on the sly…if it’s under 2 weeks and they have a return ticket, it’s all above board to just arrive and ask for the landing visa, no?..

moooochos gracias


You’re mistaken.

the regulations changed recently but I think u can’t get a landing visa.
i always use my EU passport and not my South African so I’m not 100% sure. give the “embassy” a call, here are the details:

Taipei Liaison Office in Johannesburg
10th Floor, Rennies House, 19 Ameshoffn Street,
Braamfontein, Johannesburg 2001,Republic of South Africa
(002-27-11) 4033281
(002-27-11) 4031679
Cellular: (002-27-11) 4030682
In Johannesburg: 011-4030682
Monday ~ Friday

Taipei Liaison Office in Cape Town
1004, 10th Floor, Main Tower, Standard Bank Center, Foreshore, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
(002-27-21) 4181188
(0020-27-21) 4253022
(002-27) 832925432, 832867071
In Republic of South Africa:0832925432, 0832867071
Monday ~ Friday

Taipei Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa
1147 Schoeman Street Hatfield, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa
(002-27-12) 4306071~73
(002-27-12) 4305816
Cellular: (002-27) 829061413, 828029380
In South Africa: 0829061413, 0828029380
Monday ~ Friday

you may also find this site useful:

Alleycat is right. RSA nationals are not one of the nationalities allowed vis free entry. To find out who is, just type ‘taiwan landing visa’ in google and you’ll find a list.


thanks to Brian and skorn for the helpful replies…

i put so many other variables into google before i posted, but came up with nothing… who would have thought “taiwan landing visa” would do it… :wink:

There is a RSA teacher from my school who came in with a 1 month non-extendable visitor visa, he had to get it back in Johannesburg.

I was told that he was able to get a resident visa w/o having to do a visa run out of Taiwan! Our school got him a work permit from the MOE, he went to the MOFA, filled in the forms, paid the fee and boom, resident visa!