Can Somebody Please Help Me Re-Boot My PC?

I’m a struggling teacher who needs some help.
Recently fixed a small hardware prob on my PC.
Now need to re-boot/reinstall (English) Windows 98.
Thanks in advance, all you helpful souls!

What help do you particularly need?


Yeah can you be a bit more specific what you need? Re-booting your computer is easy, but I am not sure that is the question you really want to ask…

Insert the Windows98 CD into the CD ROM and power up the PC.
If Windows still starts for some reason but you want to re-install just run the setup from CD and it will guide you through the rest.

If you have a pre-installed Win98 system with one of those “system restore” CDs instead of a proper Win98 installation CD, be prepared for it to wipe your hard disk clean and return it to “fresh from the factory” status.
If your PC wont boot after a small hardware mod, it sounds more like you screwed up somewhere. Are the hard drive’s power and data cables still firmly attached?


Well, yes, I think I just need to borrow a Win 98 CD from somebody!
Don’t have one.
Can some kind soul lend me one?

Thank you!


send me a PM and I will help you out, if you’re still interested