Can someone help me to find a place to buy a Sangean shortwave radio SG-622?

Howdy! I am an amateur shortwave radio listener enthusiast. I just noticed on Sangean’s official site that their SG-622 model has been rendered obsolete and it seems to be not in production anymore.

The thing is I became amazed at the sound quality of this brand and they have a nice reception as well. But it kind of makes me sad that the analog tunning model has just been rendered obsolete.

Perhaps if someone sees this nice little radio could tell me if its available anywhere in Taipei?. Since I collect these things I was looking to get a brand new model or unused in its original box with the manual and so on.

There are tons of electronics stores here and there in Taipei, but I have no idea on where to find it?. So if anyone has spotted one of these could it reply to this post or give some clues on where to find it? Please not that currently I’m not in Taiwan so if the store has some online version it would help me a lot.

I’d really appreciate your help on this from a fellow shortwave listener.

Someone’s selling one brand new on Ruten. Kaohsiung. Shipping is likely to be no more than $60.


It will actually be bought from a source in Germany and then shipped. They have another page with the same thing, I wasn’t sure enough about them to post it–not many user ratings for the stores. Maybe others have more experience making this kind of purchase.

Careful with Ruten. Since Ruten is technically ebay Taiwan they list overseas listings in addition to ones in Taiwan. The difference is you will still be paying the high shipping cost shipping it from wherever it’s sold. You must filter those results out when searching on Ruten.

I only seen this Sangean radio before…

If you see simplified Chinese ads and stuff on the listing, it is actually a Taobao listing that was ripped. Buy the item from Taobao or Aliexpress to save at least 50%. Guys would list items on Ruten with a 100% markup.

Why are you speaking to me like I’m an idiot?

I am not.

I am writing this for the benefit of others who browses Ruten and wonder why they get weird listings. Not everyone knows about Ruten’s default setting of listing overseas listings like it’s local.

I don’t understand why you take offense so easily.

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Cause some people don’t like unprovoked mothering. I gave him a listing that was in Taiwan.

I’m not an idiot, and i didn’t direct the OP to a listing tjst was on ebay and/or China and simplified characters. I know what to look for.

It’s condescending, especially since you directed it to me.

Guy asked to find the product. I gave him a listing that avoids literally everything you said. I did all the work.

I’ll let someone else who can read Chinese answer then, because clearly I am untrustworthy.

To be fair to Taiwan_Luthiers, that ad does look a little suspicious. The seller has 4836 listings but only 3 ratings, and there are Simplified Chinese characters littered in the ad, which makes me believe the seller is from China.


Thanks for that prompt answer. To be honest I looked on that website. Needless to say that I had to use bing for assistance. Something which doesn’t appeal very much to me is that it indicates that the place of origin is Europe and it indicates in the bottom below that colorful image that the unit was bought from Germany. Shouldn’t it be locally?. I mean, isn’t a Taiwanese brand?. That’s odd to me.

One peculiar aspect is that the origin is on Mainland China, and it doesn’t say much about the owner. This would be my first purchase if I were to follow this route. I’m sorry I cannot read much so I don’t know about the reputation of the seller.

Gee I was looking for an alternative method other than gambling with Ebay esque sites.

But so far none other options have arised so it might be this the only solution so far. I really wished others could or would jump.

Actually it was your warning which had made me to investigate this a bit further. As you indicated there are simplified Chinese ads so well, maybe I’m biased on this but this doesn’t give me much confidence. When I wrote my post I was thinking in a more formal method of purchasing this good instead of getting through Ebay esque sites. I’m not sure if trying to look for this on Taobao or on Aliexpress would do me better. I don’t want to be rip off. Isn’t there any store which still do carry this unit?. Gee I didn’t know that it would be so hard. But I appreciate your comments by the way.

In the site which Marco has indicated it does say that the origin is from Mainland China but it does say that the place of purchase is Europe. That’s odd.

So far the only this which it has been mentioned is that the unit is listed as “brand new” should I believe on this?. Well I’m not sure. As I mentioned, I was hoping that an answer would have included more options on which to start looking.

I really don’t feel comfortable trying to look for this on Ebay or similiar sites, as you know what it is being advertised is not always what you expect. Thus my intended meaning was to look for a more formal place. But on the other hand, when you look for thing which are not in production, it is very likely that your best and probably only solution would be just looking for some people who had already purchased this before you.

However I did wondered if some not yet sold units were scattered around some stores.

In the end, what do you guys suggest me to do?. I feel confused.

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It’s kind of ridiculous that you’d have to go through a Chinese buyer to get you a Taiwanese product from Europe. I’d suggest you write them and find out where you can get one:

Well I did what you mentioned but I am not sure if they would answer. Its still many days since a previous letter sent to their support page and still radio silence. No pun intended.

But what you mentioned it makes all sense. I really wished this product still be on Amazon or similar sites thus I wouldn’t had to go all this through. Gee, if they don’t answer probably I’ll have to make a phone call or snail mail?. I don’t know. Another choice would be to wait until they do release an anniversary version of that product. Any case I still have the animosity to keep looking for this radio.

You mean the Taiwanese seller? I find Taiwanese usually NEVER answers email, ESPECIALLY if that email is in English. You have to call them or visit them to get anything done.

As for Sangean, they’re not going to answer your email as they probably only deal with distributors. Big companies like this have middlemen and do not sell to individuals. You have to find their distributors or dealers.

Anymore than I can get a response from Mitsubishi or Sony to buy their products directly.

I tried looking up Canadian distributors for you but even they don’t sell the radio. Guess its hard to come by now due to being discontinued.


For some reason I feel some apathy in your answer. But contrary to your initial thoughts, they did at last replied back to my email.

While it is true that they do not longer sell that radio they offered me their most updated equivalent which they sell with that being ATS-405. Although the model has the options and increased functions, it isn’t exactly the nice and nostalgic feeling of the classic tunning nob while browsing for stations.

Speaking of which, there is an adapter for the SG-622 which is on sale on Ebay, coincidentally this seller is also Taiwanese and he had replied back to me that the only sells the adapter as the radio which comes with it is now discontinued by Sangean.

Again, I’m sure that it might be some store which do still have some not sold units or excess inventory who knows?. I thought that it could had been the case anywhere in Taipei.

Regarding to Sony or Mitsubishi. Well I doubt that they will ignore individual contact trials set by consumers looking for answers, as in my modest opinion much of them share the same courtesy. So I doubt that they will ignore people by discrimination of their status of not being distributor.

Thank you for being so nice to me on trying to look for some stores which may have this radio. I was about to maybe put an entry on forumosafields?

Yet It would be nice if somebody if by chance has seen this unit could inform me. I would be so happy.

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It would be nearly zero chance to find this radio here. I have 3 SW receivers, all of them were imported after giving up on searching here. There are few SG-622’s on Ebay right now, just go for it.

Hey. Did you get your radio?
I need a decent but not great radio.
I’m even willing to try the low cost USB tv receivers that seem to work well for some hobbyists or a USB SDR.
Whatever form it is a toy. I just want something that has a reasonable amount of stations and it can give me some enjoyment.

Have too many other necessary expenses.

Oh please only proven items only. I let’s say there are four out of five devices that work. I have a way of always picking the one that doesn’t work and is-refundable…

Please don’t suggest something that you or someone you know has used. Thank you

Just don’t bother with merchants who don’t respond.

Do you have a radio operators licence in Taiwan?

Do you? That’s a whole other topic.
Like the OP, I’m looking for a halfway decent Shortwave receiver. My Dad’s Grundig died of humidity. The LCD is faded, and now it just doesn’t turn on anymore.

I have too many other expenses, my budget cannot really go much beyond 1000- 1500 NTD.
I’ll take used.

Now, Deslin, I am licensed in the states as a General Class Ham.
I’m itching to get on the air here but have you seen the tests?
There are a couple of non-licensed options but I live too far away from anybody who has any knowledge to help enlighten me.
Please contact me if you are licensed or want to join up and study with me.
I think my Chinese is approaching the level to be competent enough to be able to fudge the test.
I’m also having difficulty getting the current information about licensing requirements as the websites have not been updated often.
PS: you don’t need a license to possess radio equipment, just operate them. This Baofeng was picked up at a thrift shop for $600