Can Taiwan Scholarship Recipients work in Taiwan?

Hey guys,

I’ve been awarded the Taiwan Scholarship to study at NCCU.

I’ve read that students on these scholarships can work part-time, but am not sure where. For example, could I teach English part-time to help support myself?

I’ve read the MOE regulations regarding this, but they are quite confusing.

They say students can’t work illegally (something I don’t intend on doing) and have to get approval from the institutions and MOE before engaging in work.

So basically, can Taiwan Scholarship recipients work in Taiwan?

Let me Google that for you.

[quote=“Revised Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines”]
XIV.i.7. Recipients are not allowed to work illegally (including part-time work) while in Taiwan. If recipients engage in any labor activity without the MOE’s approval of award renewal or without notifying their universities/colleges, their scholarships will be revoked and they need to return any stipend and subsistence allowance given to them during the period of employment.

XIV.ii.4. Relevant institutions wishing to employ recipients on a part-time basis should apply for employment permit in accordance with the Employment Service Act (ESA). Recipients’ universities/colleges should, in accordance with this guideline, review each case, and upon approval, state the proposed period of employment, nature of employment, and total working hours. A copy of the recipients’ academic transcript for two consecutive semesters must be submitted to the MOE for the evaluation of the renewal of the recipients’ scholarships. Source.[/quote]

Forget about it ! I lived in the US for 9.5 years and recently back to Taiwan to renew my Visa. Need any help let me know !