Can You Add the Word Bicycle to Posts and Comments and not Just "Cycling"?


I know cycling is a catchy term, but many of the post don’t even show up if someone uses the word “bicycle” or searches for say “Bicycle routes in Greater Taipei”.

For example, this recent post on “Greater Taipei Cycling Routes: A List” doesn’t even show up if someone searches with the word “bicycle”.


The sport and hobby is called cycling. Don’t really see what your issue is.




No issue. Just suggesting that the word bicycle might help make the forum more inclusive.


It’s not only a catchy term, as my compatriots have mentioned, it’s the name of the hobby :smiley: A bicycle is the equipment we use for cycling.

The search function is actually a bit weird at times. However, your example is good proof that if someone were looking for bike routes around Taipei, it would not show up in the forum search (or even a Google search). I’ll see if adding a tag will help.

Thanks for the suggestion @tango42

For next time, a simple reply to the aforementioned thread would’ve sufficed :smile:


I would use tags… probably they help.