Can you drink the water in a dehumidifier?

this question has been with me for many years…how potable is the water a dehumidifier collects? could you drink it at a pinch?

any ideas anyone?

Water been cut off again Bear?


:astonished: definately fit for plants but i’m not sure about humans. i don’t thinkghte humidity in taiwan is all that clean!

Dehumidifiers aren’t spotlessly clean, and the water also contains gunk that was in the air. It might be drinkable if you’re dying of thirst. It’s probably like drinking from a puddle.

It is portable if you put it in a bottle.

who wants to be the guinea pig?

Goes down just fine mixed with Rebel Yell in a Dixie Cup filled with crushed ice.

Now that’s living!!

If you put it through a Brita, then boil the water, why not? I don’t think the water coming in via the pipes are much cleaner…

The concept of drinking water from a dehumidifier is not all that new…there are products out there that do just that…

I wouldn’t want to drink it because it doesn’t has minerals in it … it’s condense water, or distilled might be the right name for it … use it for plants, not cut flowers, or use it in an iron for steam generation …

Should we consult a phd chemist?.. hold the phone.

I don’t want to breathe the air here, much less drink it.

It’s distilled water. Of course you can drink it. Do you think the mucky shite coming out of taps is clean? That’s why I drink beer.

I don’t drink water. Fish f u ck in it. - W.C. Fields

Question: Can you drink the water in a dehumidifier?

Answer: You can do anything you like…

The real question should be: WOULD you drink the water in a dehumidifier?


WHY would you WANT to drink the water in a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier’s condenser collects dust (much of it dead human skin cells) from the large volume of air passing over it. Because the condenser is wet when the unit is in operation, mold will grow on the accumulated dust. Particles of this will inevitably break off and end up in the water collector. Sounds disgusting, but not much of a health threat I think.

What could affect health is condensate other than water. If you use your dehumidifier in a closed bathroom, it will extract from the air not only water vapor but also the volatile components of shampoos, shower gels, bath oils, etc. These volatile oils evaporate into the air when the products are used in hot water (it’s why they smell so nice.)

While the amounts are tiny, it’s not worth the risk of ingesting them. I wouldn’t even risk using my dehumidifier’s to top up my fish tank.

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