Can you have two different ARC's

I recieved my second work permit the other week, with the same company, they wanted to give me two for some reason to do with taxes. I was wondering if it is possible to get two different ARC’s? Would it be in my favor to do so?

Can you have two ID cards in your country back home?

ARC is permission to be in Taiwan; a work permit is permission to work. You get an ARC based on a work permit (in many cases), but if you already have an ARC, I’d just tuck the second work permit into a secure file somewhere to produce on demand if it ever comes up. You’re already in Taiwan residing legally based on your first ARC so long as that work permit and employer are valid. You might want to have the second work permit noted on your ARC but if it’s the same employer I’m not sure how that would work. Isn’t there something that says that technically you are only allowed to work at the exact address noted on your ARC…

Yes, you should have ONE ARC and TWO work permits. Usually they would note the second work permit details on your ARC card. The government did it with mine.

Take your new work permit to your local Foreign Affairs Police department and they should note it on your ARC. Then if the 2nd branch gets inspected you will have it duly noted on the ARC and won’t have to worry about pulling out the work permit from where you have it stashed. (This may even be a requirement.)