Can you identify these plants?

While on a recent camping trip in the central mountain range of Taiwan, I came across these plants. The first was bush-like, about 2 meters high and about as wide. The striking feature was the fruit / berries found on it. The ripe ones, red in color, looked very much like cherry tomatoes. What I assume to be three stages of fruit development can be seen in the second photo (green, yellow, and red).

There is an additional photo of another plant in bloom.

If anyone knows either of these, I’d like to know the name.


I’ll try to remember to look them up in my tree & plant book tonight.

Posting here since the title is the one I wanted to use!

Can you identify these plants?








Number8… Beggar’s tick





I think several of your pics are this same plant, called 火炭母草 (Huotanmu Cao, the charcoal mother grass).

Eighth one in looks like Beggar’s tick.


Thanks for your help. I really appreciate. I added numbers to the photos.

And I will post your name suggestions and some more details for each.

Looking forward to better understand whether this is a beneficial or parasite weed.

Whoops, I meant no.9,

Got it

@the_bear I will correct ASAP

I am told Number 7 is Ampalaya in tagalog… That is bittermelon, a good one!

I don’t know anything about plants, but we had a thread on Taiwan plants, and I saw something there that looked like your number 12, the last one in your series (of course, I could be wrong):