Can you just flag down Ubers?

The fact that they have a QR to scan for Covid reasons makes me think you can hail them on the street since the drivers always tell me I don’t need to scan the QR code.

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One time their QR was for their line not the CDC. :woozy_face:

I wonder the same thing though.

How do you recognise them?
Or do you plan to wave at any red license plate?

Red plate is correct, no? I have paid cash more than once to red plates to get somewhere. not a flagging, more just a quick q&a. Easy to get ripped off probably,worth to know the routes distance ahead of time.

Why? Just download the app. It doesn’t need a credit card.

I think they’re just licensed taxis that don’t need to install a meter. They normally charge through the app they have.

No you can’t. Red license plate means “taxi” that’s registered with government - it’s the compromise of letting uber operate here. Non-yellow ones are required to be point to point and not pick up people just anywhere. Yellow taxis are for hailing anywhere.

Source: uber driver explained when I asked what red number means.

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The government actually changed the rules about the color of the car, no longer needed to be yellow, and no longer required to have a meter I think.

Aren’t they the general plates for any form of licensed/registered taxi, including but not limited to Uber? I seem to remember taking the same from the airport too, from the guys that hang around downstairs trying to pick up passengers. (Or used to - this was before the world’s longest-running zombie apocalypse reality TV show started.)

Yes red plate is any registered taxi. Yellow - can get hailed down, others - no. Not sure if airport has special rules, or no one is following the rules but that’s how seems to work in general. Maybe when you took it two years ago it wasn’t finalized yet, I remember ubers back then having protest posters inside against the new legislation.