Can your company change a holiday day?

So, May 1st is Labor Day, but since it’s a Sunday, we are supposed to have May 2nd off.

Is it illegal for a company to decide to make staff work on May 2nd and have the Friday off instead? Do they have to pay you more for working on the Labor Day holiday even if they give you a day off later on?


They probably can switch days since May 2nd is not an official holiday

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i believe it is legal, as long as you get the day back.
in our company if you have to work during a holiday you get the day back and need to use it within 2 weeks.

My company is skirting the law. I asked about it and they said we still have to work. But you do get holiday hours / pay… IF you’re taiwanese staff that is. Foreign teachers can get f*cked apparently.


You should comply.

While secretly recording all the details and time cards and proof. Screw them over after you leave and watch the money pour in.


Comply to foreigners having to work holidays and not get paid extra for it? Surely i am misreading…
Edit. I am misreading. Sneaky little devil…


I would but the company is incredibly litigious. A good friend of mine (also leaving in a few months) has been there for nearly two decades. He’s told me horror stories of how petty they are. And they have really good lawyers…

As much as I’d like to I feel leaving them when a bunch of teachers are leaving my branch recently during a teacher shortage is enough…

And speaking of horror stories, that’s basically all I’ve heard about any kind of lawsuit here. Just not worth the trouble. And it wouldn’t make me any better than the all the other a**holes doing it.

If there is one thing everyone can agree on. Lawsuites are STRESSFUL! I totally agree with the f*ck it stance unless there is some greater good to be had that makes the sacrifice worthwhile.


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