Canada: A land of dreams or a site of scams for international students?

This thread is about contemporary Canadian higher education, such as it is.

I remember hearing in the 2000s how Canada lagged behind more aggressive countries such as Australia and the UK in seeking to recruit international students into the postsecondary education system. Around 2013, the federal government of Canada attempted to address this issue by stating that Canada needed skilled immigrants—and here the recruitment of international students was seen as a time-honoured way to get such people to come to Canada.

So how’s it been going? How are these newly recruited international students faring? According to this extraordinary report (around 45 minutes) from CBC’s Fifth Estate, the answer is: not well. Unscrupulous and unregulated agents in places like India; sketchy public-private institutional arrangements (this didn’t exist when I was a student) including overcrowded private colleges which appear to enroll no domestic students; mountains of debt and exploitive employers for the newly arrived students; and bean-counting college administrators more interested in numbers than educating young people—all these and more appear in the report below. It’s a shameful situation where the process of welcoming international students to Canada has been replaced by a hacking away of public support and an apparently fanatical zeal for international tuition fees.



Assuming people dont already think the university industry isnt at least in part a scam, see canada :slight_smile:

as an aside, how long does it take to get medical attention in your region of canada? My family and friends are waiting 3 to 24 months for fairly routine procedures. my elderly parents family doctor is leaving and they will now need to drive 1 hour each way to the city (they are not in a remote area) to even see someone. Key point is IF they can see someone.

meanwhile units grass are on unemployment and there are huge amounts of vacant job positions.

Canada is a good example of a good idea pushed too far to the point of retardation.


Wow, up to two year wait is crazy, even 3 months is not good? Is that not enough doctors and nurses, maybe they should get international students who want study this??

I also wonder do local people in Canada not like study medical studies, seems the goal for many Taiwanese??

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I think the title for this thread is anti-Canadian :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Jokes aside, and as much as it pains me to defend Canada, especially on Canada Day :laughing:, it is not scamming on the Canadian end. It’s usually, as you allude to with the link, unscrupulous folk on the other end whether it is university or immigration related.

There is often really high tuition rates given at private colleges in Canada for 1-2 year programs (medical office assistant etc.) that attract foreign students who have trouble getting into normal universities. These rules for private facilities are often regulated at provincial levels, and I can say that in some provinces (e.g., BC), having been involved in regulatory amendment processes myself, they are tightly regulated as to prevent any exploitive practices.

I would also say that many colleges that offer a path to undergraduate degrees are cheaper than public universities: 10 Best Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students in 2023 | TC Global

It really is student beware in terms of researching quality institutions, understanding the process, etc. before coming over.

Things are often easier when there are agreements in place regarding temporary entry or mutual recognition of professional qualifications. So many anti-trade folk out there (cough, cough) but that’s one area where FTAs help big time to liberalise temporary entry (relevant to students before student visas get sorted), recognition of professional certifications (relevant to professional immigrants getting they’re professional certifications recognised promptly, etc.).

Still see FTAs as a big evil? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: A lot of people do because they like their little area of the pond in Canada protected.

Good education system in Canada but you’ll need to go global to follow your dreams!


Agree one hundred percent. Got my first degree there (UBC) but then went to US and UK for finishing school :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: and the world for my stage.



My cheeky term for some Russell Group unis (and Berkeley)

Ok, I didn’t want to call you a liar, but charm school seemed highly unlikely!

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I am actually quite charming in real life. :laughing: I guess ChewDawg is, in some respects, an entertaining alter ego (but not nearly as entertaining as that Jacobin, the permanently departed Chewycorns).


I thought finishing school was paying a lot of money to learn to walk with a book on your head.


That’s why @ChewDawg has such great posture and charm!

Us lowly proletariat Canadians who go to regular schools are all slouchy and grouchy :angry:

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It’s too much Tim Hortons dude! :wink: Nothing to do with education.

Infusing the masses from Timmins or Moose Jaw with cheap caffeine is never a good idea.

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To this, yes. And quite generous. I think the last time I saw you irl was for a fundraiser for Big Mark. That’s too long.

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It’s a supply and demand issue, coupled with retardation im governance (making it hard to import doctors and most in house trained doctors are expirted). It is, frankly, quite embarrassing! One of the many reasons me left for greener pastures. I assume Chewdawg and TT are of similar mind overall, in terms of a better life outside of canada. My family suffers from waits quite a lot. my grandparents had it good back when canada was at least half way decent compared to the world. My parents and siblings now, wait wait wait.

If I had kids and a good enough job, maybe. There’s a reason so many people want to go there. But I don’t have kids and am unlikely to get a job that I want that pays enough to enjoy it. For me, as you say, greener pastures elsewhere

But I never had to wait for medical services. In my experience it has always been within a week. Lucky, I guess, in not having serious issues. Don’t remember my family ever complaining :man_shrugging:

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That’s good to hear. if it’s not intruding on the privacy front, where abouts was that (no waits for medical attention)? Where I am originally from, BC, it isnt great. Literally the only family that doesnt get delayed is the one participating in experimental research on Parkinson’s at UBC. Even then, every single surgery is/was met with incredibly concerning level of infection…lack luster service in my opinion! Everyone else i know is weeks to years :frowning: ranging from arthritis to cancer, not just common cold type stuff which seems to have faster treatment. Getting an appointment takes weeks to months with the GP, then need to wait for the second step which is the specialist. and the onslaught of wait times for proper care. Prevention in BC at least seems to just be a joke about times past now :pensive: To be fair, seems hypochondria seems more prevalent now as well, not just a doctor shortage. rains, it pours…or whatever. certainly is.t for lack of money spent, that’s for sure.

My father who needs a lot of medical care, amd my sister, both in Vancouver and don’t complain.

I was there before Taiwan and at peak covid. I didn’t have a GP but was able to use two clinics for all the tests and everything needed for my visa. Easy, within a week or two it was all sorted for little or no cost

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dang, glad to hear. It is dismal from my experience and reports. but to be fair, we arent from Vancouver. If anywhere needs to have its shit together, that’s the spot. My moms GP office closed, cannot get any appointments with others as they arent taking clients. it has been so bad for.long enough, they have sold their house and moved to Victoria just to avoid a few hour drive to see a doctor.

Maybe it’s an island thing…? Though family and friends in the mainland are having similar issues. heard the same complaints on repeat since I was in grade school though.

Remote and rural places I think have trouble getting doctors country-wide