Canada and Denmark reach settlement on Hans Island - Creating a new land border

I will be saddened that we will no longer be exchanging alcohol as part of our hilariously petty and polite fight.

Also, we will no longer be the largest country with one international land border.

Oh. And this should set an example for Russia and China.

But they won’t listen.


You’ve had two international land borders for quite a while. Both to the same country, but discontinuous borders nonetheless.

I’m fairly sure that Australia :australia: wins on the size of country : number of land borders ratio.


:scream: I’m posting in IP!!


Looks like it would have been a good place for a Fortnite style battle.

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Probably a big part of the reason for giving up that sweet bottle exchange

Edit: just read the article, they’re pretty explicit that this is the reason!

Well. The US border is considered one border.

But now we border Denmark apparently.

More watching.

It’s all Inuit land anyway. Those borders din bother them most of their history.