Canada Day

Is anyone aware of any Canada Day celebrations taking place in Taichung?

maybe tot’s having a party … if so, i’m sure you’re invited. :laughing:

I would go except I’m looking for a Canada Day celebration sans Canadians. :smiley:

I would go except I’m looking for a Canada Day celebration sans Canadians. :smiley:[/quote]

Wait three days after Canada Day and have a real party. :smiling_imp:

There are no Canada Day celebrations in Taichung. No one likes Canadians they’re too damn nice. And they’re always the teachers that ditch a job half way through the year without any notice. If you go to a Canada Day celebration anywhere in Taiwan you’re probably going to run into a lot of people ragging on Americans and how much they hate them. But then they’ll tell you it’s not Americans we hate but their Foreign Policy blah blah blah. Taiwanese people love America and everything that has to do with America, go and celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July like any good old Canadian would do.

Grave Dig

To all of my Canadian friends. What’s the dealio? I thought the Great Satan is the U.S.A.

Are any of you going to be celebrating Canada Day this year or in years to come? Is it all finished or is this just the crazy “woke lefties” making much ado about nothing?

Please provide some education.

i figure there are 364 days of the year to hate on canada as much as one wants, but that one day a year it should be celebrated that canada allows people to hate it the rest of the year. people don’t have to celebrate canada on canada day, but they can let others do so. no place or culture is perfect.

personally, though, i don’t have strong feelings one way or the other…

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Imperial statuary not welcome anymore in Winnipeg:


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This is now a hate symbol.

Do you see the Queen on that flag?

But yeah definitely Canada can do better.


Also, several churches mysteriously burned down while the mass grave news was peaking. Fwiw.

Trudeau not happy about this.

Will the Catholic church step up and say sorry? They must be scared sh&tless of liability. But the look right now is impunity, and it’s not a good look.


It’s not “crazy ‘woke lefties.’”

Indigenous kids were systematically yanked out of their families and put into residential schools. Canada recently had a Truth and Reconciliation Commission about this unhappy story.

Lots of these kids never went home. No explanation to the families.

Now these graves are being found. Some of them (in Saskatchewan) used to be marked graves, and had the tombstones and markings removed. This is a crime in Canada.

There’s lots of pain out there (this has nothing to do with being “woke”) and much of it is getting expressed now.



Well, call me a reactionary classicist, but I think woke is a perfectly good word to describe a state of heightened awareness of things in general, including but not limited to the uncovering of long patterns of criminal behavior committed by outwardly respectable people. :2cents:

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How about awakening?

Or colonial reckoning?

I think these terms might be closer to the mark.

And for all those kids that never made it home: RIP.


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The temperature in Vancouver right now is 17 degrees. That’s night, of course- it’s expected to get up to 25 in the heat of the afternoon.