Canada: it's no longer just for polar bears and penguins … &printer=1

[quote]Canada could ditch winter blues by annexing Caribbean paradise
Fri Mar 26, 2:15 AM ET

MONTREAL (AFP) - Ask anyone their image of Canada – and it’s a fair bet that a tropical nirvana shaded by palm trees, with an emerald sea lapping miles of golden sands would be the last thing to come to mind.

That could soon change, if an ambitious project makes the sun-kissed Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos the eleventh – and warmest – province of ice-bound Canada.

The Turks and Caicos government requested a link-up with Canada in 1987, but a Canadian Foreign Ministry study turned down the idea.

Today, Goldring told AFP, things are different. Goldring says there is a huge upside to his scheme, for both the islands and Canada.

If the islands did join up with Canada there would be plenty of work to do.

Bridges need to be constructed over shallow straits between islands, as do retirement properties for Canadians desperate to escape their chilly homeland.

Authorities must also build tourist facilities for the nearly half-million Canadian “snow birds” who head south to the Caribbean each year, to escape the winter blues.

Businessmen are also pushing the idea, hoping to make a fast buck as the tourism trade heats up. [/quote]

That would make me pretty damn proud to be Canadian, that’s for sure… I’d also have to rethink my plans about never moving back to Canada.

Hold on a minute…T&C is an overseas British territory. You can’t just have it. But then again, Canada has the same head of state as the UK and the Turks & Caicos, so I guess we could rent it / them out at a favourable inter-commonwealth rate :uk:

Why would they want to join Canada. IF it is a tax-free haven like other Caribbean nations, they sure will regret joining Canada when their wealth is sent back to Ottawa in the form of taxation. Conrad Black was spot on when he said Canada was more Stalinist than North Korea. I hope this country remains part of the mother country (England). If they join Canada, they will be settling for mediocrity.


Not a full province… territories? maybe not either.

PEI has 17.7% of sales tax and still not enough cash to
collect garbage. There’s no public transportation
for the 140K habitants on the Island. However, she
sends 4 MP’s (instead of 1.4) to Ottawa.

Compared to a “typical” Canadian province, IMHO, Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick and PEI should join together as “Maritime” to avoid

Turks & Caicos Island?? It would be more a liability than anything else.
Bad deal! Bad deal!

There are no penguins in Canada, except in zoos. It’s too cold for them.