Canada (Pro)Rogue Predictament

[quote]Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has won a bid to suspend parliament, blocking an opposition attempt to topple his minority government.
The governor general agreed to Mr Harper’s request, unprecedented in the country, after talks.
If the request had been rejected, he would have had to step down or face a confidence vote he was sure to lose.
Opposition parties had called the vote for Monday, accusing the government of failing to shore up the economy.
Governor General Michaelle Jean agreed to prorogue - or suspend - parliament until 26 January when the government is set to present its economic plan.[/quote]
Pogue Mahone!
Canadian politricks ain’t be so damn inclement for nigh on a spell!

This issue is only deepening the regional divides. Which some would argue are inevitable in that large yet sloppy country, with no real nation to speak of.

It speaks volumes how the country is dividing itself up into enclaves.

I think hatred of Americans helped keep Canada together during the Bush years. It’s not surprising that in the wake of Obama’s victory Canada’s national identity is falling apart, as they no longer have a common enemy to unite against.

Canada has always been regionally divided. The economic crisis is only highlighting the vast differences running the whole breadth of the nation. It’s inevitable that each region’s specialized economic linkages will dictate the degree of presentation of any supposed allegiance to such an artificial entity as Canada.

All states are artificial. And there was little discussion of regional issues (beyond equalization payments) before Harper went on the warpath.

True, yet some more than others. Some are born from a stroke of the pen, and others out of centuries of interaction with neighboring entities.

Regionalism is one of the underlying quirks to the Canadian federation. It was always rise to the surface, like scum on a stagnant pond.