Canadian Dies in Motorcycle Accident

Guys, seems there were 3 foreign bikers involved in an accident. One fatality. Condolences to family and friends.

I can’t find this anywhere I. Any source?

I did a write up out of the scarce info that existed at the time. The parents of the man who died have left a comment providing their son’s name and a little info of what they are experiencing from their end.

Wow that picture tells the story quite well, a sad story.

The victims mother wrote: > My son Patrick Dupuis -Dufresne was 22 years old. The passenger is in critical condition in a coma at the hospital. We , Patrick’s parents have been given the exact news by his classmates in Taipei.

The Canadian, Quebec police told us on the 24th that it was a car crash.
The Canadian, Ottawa consulate have difficulties getting the correct information.

The Taiwan police now want an autopsy on Patrick’s body and we his parents are waiting for the Canadian government to make it safe to go there and return if charges are somehow pinned on our son. We want to bring him home.

The Polyteque University of Montreal have steered us to the Ottawa consulate but the consulate are misinformed or not informed.

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Damn, he was conscious and able to speak when people found them. :worried:

No, he was not. His passenger was conscious. He had another friend who was riding another scooter, who was supporting the passenger when police and ambulances arrived.

The five or six original Chinese language media reports mention communication problems due to the language barrier.

It took a little while before emergency workers realized there was third person involved (the deceased).

When they found him, there were little to no signs of life, depending on which media report.

Oh, I thought he was saying “Canada” when asked where he was from. Maybe it was someone else. Doesn’t matter. Accidents suck.

There were 3 foreigners in 2 scooters. One of the scooters skidded and went off a ditch, falling into the rice paddy. One person died at the scene (well, was dead when he got to the hospital), the other was severily injured. The remaining person was the one left to find help in this remote area. They were on their way to a camping site.

Again, condolences. These kind of accidents during college breaks are painfully quite common, and the Latin community has lost many young ones on similar accidents. Condolences.

Tragic loss of a young life.