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Living in the US, believe it or not, my favorite radio station was the CBC Northern Shortwave Service on 9225 and 11720 Khz. My Jr. High school was on split session so…
I spent pretty my every morning glued to the CBC because we had to go to school in the afternoon and I was a latch key kid. Don Herron’s Morningside was my favorite. I enjoyed quirks and quarks and also enjoyed the Royal Canadian Air Farce. Their company album was the my first ever mail order record album.

I’m looking for some interesting and accessible things to read that are satirical and sarcastic much like Mark Twain.
If you have any favorites please suggest them…
I know there are a lot of Canadians here so I’m sure you have good suggestions.
I love historical humor and journals of exploration like Mark Twain.

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If you’re looking for older stuff (not quite as old as Twain, but close!), you may want a look at Stephen Leacock - old enough it’s probably public domain by now.

Stuart MacLean’s Vinyl Cafe can also be good - I think he started on Morningside in the Peter Gzowski days. CBC probably has lots of his shows available to listen to.

I’d say Quirks and Quarks is still one of the better science shows out there.


Check out This Hour has 22 Minutes, especially Rick Mercer who later got his own show

One of their repeating segments was Talking to Americans:

Warning, this video is advanced Canadiana:

Smart guy, this video is medium Canadiana:


Does that hold up? Wasn’t it usually too topical? I’d have thought it’d be like watching a George W. Bush-era episode of The Daily Show - fun at the time, but you’d almost need a history book to remember what on earth they’re talking about.

Talking to Americans, if anything, is more relevant.

You poor soul! I was not aware that your neck of the US was so devoid of content that you had to turn to forced Canadian programming.

I know who Barbara Frum is and I listened to The House. I listen to a show called as it happens and I thought it was a way better version of All things Considered

Why did I do that? I don’t know but it was interesting and fun.
Love topical.

I thought the Canadians were insane for talking about they are so called inferiority complex when it came to Media. So much better and more edgy as well as having a more down home friendly feel about it

I even got a chance to watch your TV.
One of my engineering friends at college whose senior project was to make a commodore computer control a satellite positioning device with a joystick allowed me to point to Canadian Satellites…
I saw Three’s Company dubbed in French among other things.
You got much better TV too at least you did…
Got too busy to watch tv after college. And until now I’m heavily immersed in juvenile literature and television shows which I like more than my kids.
Now, I’m catching up on some more adult sarcastic stuff.

Saw a couple Red Green Shows. Like to see more or similar.

By the way I’m open to discuss these things to help exercise my English communication skills. So if there’s a show that you’d like me to see and have questions or would like discussion feel free. But it must be funny and little sarcastic topical is fine.

BTW: I was a big Robert w service fan and a fan of Jack London too.
But they were not canadian, they were Americans in Canada.

Even better!!!
He wrote about Mark Twain…
Thanks, with the new improved Google voice narrator, I’ve got some good listening to do while cycling…
Thanks for that one.

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He seems to be wanting some good ol canadian nostalgia. Nothing wrong with that. Canadian tv is just as trashy as US tv now unfortunately. Maybe the bew age garbage will still suffice? Try Corner Gas :frowning:

Canadian and US tv is just as trashy as malaysian, Indian or taiwanese tv now. Its all crap now. I do understand wanting to go back to a more logical humor rather than the pure shock value idiocy that gets broadcasted now (jack ass ish)…everytime i go back, or check here whats on tv i nearly want to shoot myself its so bad. Even educational channels like Discovery, TLC, National geographic etc are all just essentially sluts with animlas dicks with guns or machinery and a reality show clusterfuck crying about how hard normal jobs are for the social media mob to then enable and continue the narcisistic black holethat is todays spoiled brats. It all just makes me want to get a vasectomy.

I used to like Norm McDonald. There are some funny ones but woke culture has oppressed most rral talk so not much around anymore. plus he is a dick…but dicks are funny.

I dunno what people saw in that dumpster fire.

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It’s good and at times so cringingly bad. It could be so much more. This is my first exposure…
Not finishing it now…

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You and me both brother!

@TT Trailer park boys, early on, i can stand behind haha. Its on netflix now in taiwan and we have had numerous taiwanese friends watch it with mandarin subtitles. Given the culture here, many a man here can relate a lot with bubbles. Here kitty kitty kitty. Its funny how many parallels can be drawn haha. Its mor a guy show, but i always enjoy the wives here calling their husbands bubbles going forward.


The first season was great. I’ve seldom laughed as hard as that last episode

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As above, mercer was fun at the time.

Blast from the past. I truly do dislike Harper. is is to canada what the CKMT is to taiwan. traitors.

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Was never a huge fan of Harper (too introverted for my extrovert nature and a little too Tim Hortons for my international tastes) but I would take him 1000X over Trudeau and his woke fluffers.

Prefer Peter Lougheed or Stanfield type of Tories.

Mercer irritates me. I see his humor as ass-licking to the Laurentian elites that run the country and promoting corny pan Canadian cliches that require very little intellectual rigor (the latter sort of like attending a Canada Day event in Taiwan :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). He could not make it in the US, so being sponsored as a third rate talent in Canada is akin to Ottawa-Maritimes clientalism.

I would rather watch Benny Hill. May not be erudite but unlike Mercer, it never tried to be. :laughing: :laughing:
(1847) Hilarious Benny Hill Moments - YouTube

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