Canadian marrying Jordanian

We want to get married.

I have been looking. I am completely lost. Where do I start - Canadian. Where does he start - Jordanian.

Where do we go? Simple and easy, minimal fuss. We live in Hsinchu.

Tell me like I am a 5 year old please. That is how my mind absorbs things these days.


I would first check with your respective countries’ laws and requirements.
Regardless of where you marry… you have to meet these if you ever want to be recognized in these places as being married

The situation of two foreigners getting married has been discussed in these Forums before. The conclusion was, all things considered, you should go to Guam.

Iirc, this only applies to Americans…

TNT’s suggestion is probably right: first figure out the requirements for recognition of your marriage in your home countries. After you’ve done that, getting married in Taiwan isn’t as much of a hassle for two foreigners as it obviously is for one foreigner + one Taiwanese - it wasn’t for us (but we both had the same nationality, no idea if this makes a difference). It might make sense to have a Chinese speaker call your closest district court and enquire what documents they ask for. Following what we had to do, these would be the steps you have to take:

  1. Each of you needs a certificate from your home country that states that you’re single (the simpler the better - we had a joint document issued in Germany, and the district court in Hsintien asked us to bring another statement that basically had my name and the term “single”)

  2. These documents have to be authenticated by the Taiwan Rep Office in your home countries.

  3. The documents with the stamps from the Taiwan Rep Office in your home countries have to be authenticated (or whatever the technical term is) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Taiwan (happened within two days and completely for free)

  4. You need to take these documents plus your passports (if available - but neither my husband nor our two German witnesses had an ARC, just passport) plus the ID of your witnesses to the district court you want to get married at, tell them the day you want to get married and ask them to issue English marriage licenses with the Chinese ones. Remember to ask for extra copies, we got 3 Chinese and 3 English ones. Coming from two different countries, you might need even more.

  5. After the marriage, have the English marriage licenses authenticated by your Rep Office here in Taipei.

  6. Use the authenticated English marriage licenses to register your marriage back in your home countries…

It wasn’t much hassle for us, the wedding ceremony at the district court in Hsintien was really unique :wink:, the staff at the district court in Hsintien was very nice to deal with (and used to dealing with foreigners!), and getting married in Taiwan was so special for me, I’d always do it again…



  1. Use the authenticated English marriage licenses to register your marriage back in your home countries…

Of course if your country does not have the household registration system as Taiwan Germany and Japan do, you cannot do this.
Some countries have a foreign marriage register system. So after you get married in say Taiwan you would go back to your ghime country and register the marriage in the Foreign Marriage Registrar. I believe France has this system.

As a general rule for countries without the above systems, a marriage of one of their nationals to a person is recognized by the respective national’s country as long as the laws and requirements of the country they were married in were met.