Canadian Passport Pictures

Thanks to the genius who decided our passports should only be valid for a maximum of 5 years and non-renewable, I have to get a new passport by June. I already have all my documents and what-not ready, except for my photos. The hang-up I’m having is the stamp that’s required on the back of the photo that your gaurantor signs. You know, the one that says the name of the photo shop, it’s address, when the photo was taken, all that. So here’s my question: is that stamp still required to be in English? Or required at all? Anyone gone through the process of getting a new Canadian passport here? If so, any other obstacles I could end up facing?

When I had my passport renewed, the only stamp that I had put on the back was the name and address of the photography company and the date the photo was taken. The stamp was all in Chinese and the visa office didn’t have a problem with that. My guarantor just signed an empty space on the back of the photo, there wasn’t any special stamp for the guarantor’s name.

I also hate having to renew every five years, especially since the last time I renewed my JFRV they wouldn’t give me two years only one year. It turns out I only had 1 year, 11 months, and 2 weeks left on my passport before it expired. Since it wasn’t a full two years they wouldn’t give me two years. This means, I have to renew my passport a year earlier, which pisses me off.

My parents told me that people were complaining about only having five years and the government’s response was that the passport office needed to be self-funding and the only way to do that was to have passports expire every five years.

Ditto here. Except, my stamp and info for the photo shop was in English.

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Has anyone had photos taken for a Canadian passport recently? Is there a photo shop near the “embassy” that can provide this service?

All the silly rules can be seen here: