Canadian Police record for Visa

I read a few threads about this, but they were talking about American records. I sent Maoman a PM, but he hasn’t responded.

So does anyone else know the steps for a Canadian Police record?

And would unpaid traffic tickets be a problem?

Links or phone numbers would be appreciated.

If you are OUTSIDE OF CANADA: contact the nearest police force which offers fingerprinting services. The RCMP will accept fingerprint forms from foreign countries that contain the following:

  • rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers taken with black ink
  • full name, date of birth and sex of the applicant
  • the name and address of the police agency
  • the signature of the official taking the fingerprints

You can visit the RCMP website at for information.
Note: this way is quite slow and can take up to six months.

The easiest way is to go to an RCMP office in Canada and ask for a Criminal Record Certificate. It takes 15 minutes to receive it. Then, have it stamped at the nearest TECO office. This usually takes a few days. You are NOT required to apply for the fingerprint form and Taiwan will accept the certificate as long as it is stamped.

Hope this helps.

Anyone know if unpaid traffic tickets (speeding, driving without insurance…) would mess up my record?

Nope…don’t worry but I suggest you pay them off asap if you’d ever expect to drive when you get home to Canada.

Further info:

i had to get a crim rec check from canada to process an adoption. i expected to wait about 5 months for the results, but they came back in less than two! i went to panchiao to get the fingerprinting. it didn’t cost anything. the fingerprinting office is right around the corner from the foreign affairs police station. be sure you get the name and address of the officer who takes your prints. i got the form from the canadian trade office in taipei. courier the fingerprinted forms to the ottawa office and start waiting.
if you have any more questions, i’m happy to help.
good luck!
(i got all the info from the wesite funky posted above).