Cancel Culture Victims

When canceled means they are killed in broad daylight, wake me up.

I wouldn’t say racist. But naming the only asian character Cho Chang was pretty stupid.


She went from poverty to unimaginable riches. And the cherry? Influencing an entire generation of kids.

Yet here we are…I filled her shenanigans under “Read The Room Fool” news. :smirk:

And yes Cho Chang? Ugh.


As for Markey Mark. When you have a whole section dedicated to hate crimes on your WiKi page and yet still manage to earn $300M in your lifetime, you might wanna meditate long and hard on that privilege. In private.

Isaiah washington lost his temper on Grey’s Anatomy called a fellow actor the “f” word and he can’t even get a job. And he was pretty good actor.

Not that I condone homophobic slurs, I’m just saying that when you get a second chance that works out, staying quiet sometimes is best.


Agree. But it’s the IG, Twitter, FB, etc. society that mandates famous people have to make comments on everything. All about Likes and Hits. Pathetic.

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I can see your point but imo it’s not social media’s fault for being a barometer for where society is mentally, emotionally, etc.

Everyone is using those platforms to espouse their views. If you don’t want to hear or see all that, do what I do, delete your account. If you want to use it because of whatever reason, then limit your exposure.

My other issue with social media is the MSM actually reports on it like it’s legit. No I don’t need to know that Kim Kadarshian posted her tits again while wearing Bo Derek braids and a deep tan. This isn’t news. And no I don’t care that the “world” is upset about it.

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Double-agree. I don’t have any of those accounts.
People follow famous people like lemmings.

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Marky Mark doesn’t have to deal with shit like this.

The police said it was an accident. My ass. In “normal” times there would be an invesgation. At least for hit and run.

According to KGET, Moore was not handcuffed, and was allowed to smoke a cigarette while police officers shielding him from protesters.

Dang. They didn’t even take him to In-Out?


Wow. A plot of common ground. I totally agree with you. :dog: :cat: :house:

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The time to wake up is before they get around to killing you.

First they came for the soft targets. And I said… serves them right.

Then they came to loot the convenience stores, and the Koreans shot them all from the rooftops.

Because cancel culture works both ways.


I’ll be alright. Thanks though.

If marky mark said nothing he would also be accused of being a racist. I guess none of these counter culturists never did anything wrong in their past. Anyway what does he care… he wakes up at 2 am to work out and keeps going all day. Those guys sit on twitter moaning all day and little else.

I opened twitter the other day to see a white artist completely mobbed because she drew a picture of herself with a tan. She apologised for herself and vowed to read books to educate herself on her racism and privilege. Its nuts.


Things I never, ever apologize for:

  1. Something somebody else did.

  2. Somebody else’s feelings.

  3. Something I had every right to do.

  4. Anything that ends in “-ism.”


His conservative views may also be partially responsible for his inability to land roles these days.

Hmmm really. This I did not know. I will have to investigate.

The same thing happened to James Woods. He’s a great actor but gets no roles anymore.


Well, when Hollyweird gets around to canceling all the pedophiles they’ll have work again.


Yep. It’s a shame too. He’s a good actor.