Cancel Culture Victims

or, someone has just embarrassed themselves phenomenally

I’m not sure, that’s why I asked him/her


Please open up your thoughts so you can be denigrated and placed in a box.

as those who have read my writing here closely know, I’m killing time before relocating and have never been online anonymously

This might be against community standards but I think it is really worth hammering home given the circumstances

and that’s why we can’t call people trolls, dumbass

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Read above. He called me one. I responded by asking questions.

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FFS you can link to these allegations!

You win. You have successfully wasted 2 hours of my life. Enjoy your night, day, or whatever since you’re being untruthful with your identity

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still not cool

anyways, this was hilarious for me

my 2 cents. Do not trust anyone’s identity on anonymous online forums, unless you meet them in person and check their ID.

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This is good advice, only one ‘T’ on my ID because I #cancelled the other one!

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I think you’re misunderstanding me sir. I don’t get bent out of shape by the word woke. I was calling attention to the fact that a lot of people do, and those people were writing in about the TV show host or whatever he is. Then I asked people to consider why they might get mad.

I’ll take your word that ‘wanker’ is being used as term of endearment here.

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I already did. In this thread your have attacked wokeness. You claim to have voted for the Canadian NDP party link above. Please resolve these conflicting ideas.
Alternatively you can explain that was a fib for anonymity.
Not sure why you’re ignoring this

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When I describe the woke left as being wankers it isn’t a term of endearment, which of course isn’t what @Mick said anyway but, hey, it’s a competition to you isn’t it.

Flag it if it makes you feel unsafe.

Quite the contrary, I always have a good laugh when anyone says Biggus Dickus…

Get used to this if you engage with this poster.