Cancel hidden status


I try many times to chance my hidden status off in the profile setting. However, I cannot “show up” any way. The system will change it back. Do I make a mistake and something. :blush:

Jeremy Chen

You’re showing as online to me. Maybe you’re only hiding from yourself ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Matthew,

Right now I can see myself too.

BTW, your picture is very cute. Is that you or your boy?

That’s me, You think I would force a child of mine to wear a sailor’s suit like that ? :unamused:


I know why I cannot change it. Maybe due to the IE or some programs, when I am editing the profile, the fields “New Password” & “Confirm Password” will be filled automatically. It will cause problems. So if you wanna change things in profile, don’t fill that blank.


You looks quit happy & cute in such a suit. You are not saying that you would rather be naked?! grin However, (complain) putting a cute photo and “Big Fluffy Matthew” name together bewilders rookies like me.

All of a sudden, I remembered an anecdote happened last Nov during my European trip. When seeing a famous peeing kid statue in Belgium, we came across a group of kids doing their filed trip (I guess). Everyone in our tour group was surprised by how these kids are similar to cute dolls. But I murmur why our driver (a kind and shy man) is so BIG and so FLUFFY.

Maybe kids in the West are like angels in order to appeal to young people to give birth. Thus, their duty is respectable.

In the East, kids looks less cute because people like them too much. They try not to be too cute in order to repel such a desire. It is also a respectable job too. :shock:

I am crazy to come out such an idea.

I never knew it was a choice to be cute. Man, I thought being an adult was stressful!

Don’t you just wanna pinch BFM’s cheeks from that picture?

Yeah, it is tempting. But I try not to do it because I don’t like it being done to me :stuck_out_tongue: