Cancellation of Taiwan Mobile Plan

Yesterday, I would just like to inquire for an Iphone and sim plan here in Taiwan, I got too excited and the sales lady already prepared the new sim card for me. Using my ARC and passport copy, and she also mentioned about the penalty of 11k nt if ever I will cancel the sim.

She didn’t give me the phone right away because she will have to order it first, just the sim card. Also, I didn’t pay for the dp yet and told her that I will be back the next month after my payday.

And today, I just realized that it will cost me a huge amount for the dp which is almost 28k nt (iphone 15 256gb, 1399 paln for 24mons.) not knowing that the market price today of that same unit is 33,400 nt.

So, I would like to ask if I can cancel that plan without paying anything coz it’s just only 24hrs.

Did you even ask her if you can cancel?

Also that’s the standard iPhone plan in Taiwan. There is nothing wrong with it.


Did you sign anything?

Isn’t there a 7-day get-out-of-deal-jail-card law in Taiwan?