Cannibalism on Taiwan

I was just told by a reliable sorce that Taiwanese used to eat aboriginal people. I was told that even though it was illegel it was like its illegal to eat dog or cat meat. So only kind of illegel. This was a long time ago but apperently its public knowledge. I find this hard to believe and think Im being messed with. Has anyone heard of this?.

Nevermind. Its True. Worst google search ever.


I didn’t know that, but on my travels in Taiwan and Japan, quite often there were drawings/paintings of adults consuming human breast milk straight from the teet, and then inevitably the dragons come and save the day. I imagine this is some historical reference to famines of years gone by.

See the Dragon side of the Dragon and Tiger Pagoda in Kaohsiung, or that old teahouse I forget the name of in Kyoto but will edit in later.

Learn more here:


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Interesting! And horrific. I’ve read of aboriginal meat being sold in markets but this was a bit more detailed. Ive also read that aboriginals used to eat brains and made some sort of brain jelly snacks or something like that.

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Well, back in the old days, some aboriginal tribes were known for wacking any foreigner who showed up on these shores. Chinese, Japanese, German, American, and anyone else who was unlucky enough to be shipwrecked. It pissed off quite of few. Not sure if anyone was eating humans though.

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i believe it was the other way around. Some of the original inhabitants were feared to be cannibals. Not sure if that was true though. But they used to kill anyone who set foot on the island. The portuguese may have named Taiwan Isla Formosa but they apparently used to said right past it fearing the locals.
I think it was the Dutch who was fearless enough to land and make a fort and conquer the original inhabitants. This was way before the han chinese came around.

i think this aboriginal meat referred to was wild game that the aboriginals liked to hunt/eat.

tommy didn’t read the link… there;s an account from a woman whose family used to be in the business of it.

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Yeah didn’t read it
Read it now
Not sure one persons account is enough to confirm if it was a common practice

Well they say Chinese will eat anything …still

Did you read the comment where some guy said Irish babies were sold to the English who roasted the whole body like pigs and ate them

Not sure that was common practice either

Cannibalism was an accepted thing in China. Seriously. It’s in the history books, often glorified as part of being the victor, or punishing wrong doers. Conquerors would often drink from the loser’s skull.

After General Yuan Chong-huan (袁崇煥) got by passed by the Manchus through Mongolia and the Manchus laid siege to the Ming capital of Beijing, even though it was Yuan who came to the rescue and routed the Jurchens and Abahai, the Emperor of Ming still blamed him for the scare and sentenced Yuan to death by a thousand cuts. When Yuan’s flesh was being sliced off pieces at a time, the citizens of Beijing rushed to eat his raw flesh in front of the dying General, the person who spent his entire life protecting them.

That’s civilization for you.

Oh, and that happened in 1630, when the Dutch was already in Taiwan.

So don’t be surprised if there are accounts of Chinese people cannibalizing whom they consider as lesser than people. It’s part of their culture.


You know the old Chinese saying, human meat is salty (人肉鹹鹹). Someone must have tried it to come up with that saying.


And let’s not forget that cannibalism was still going on in China well into the 20th century.


A female militia leader ate 6 human livers in total, and cut the genitals of 5 men and soaked them in alcohol which she would drink later, claiming that these organs were beneficial to her health.



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Other than Owen Rutter’s account, George Leslie MacKay also wrote about it, and there were accounts of Han Taiwanese cannibalising Aboriginals for medicinal purposes by the Japanese Prefecture as well.

So yeah, it was a thing, and it was kind of wide spread.

I guess that’s one more reason for the Pingpu Aboriginals to hide their true identity.

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Taiwanese used to … Aboriginals…

Of which country? The aboriginals here are taiwanese.

Though one must consider the safer option of cracked open livibg.mknkey brajn kver human flesh. Or anything else .tortured in the most.possibly horrific way. Less chance of retaliation.