Canopy, shade sail or huge umbrella for garden?

Anywhere? I’ve checked B&Q of course, still looking for a nice looking canopy, shade sail or a (very) large umbrella … Thanks! Xpet.

There’s a big market on XinLong Rd - about 100M from where it meets Roosevelt Rd. (within walking distance of Wanlong MRT) Might have what you’re looking for.

Thanks David, I’ll check it out! Xpet.

There is a place in Neihu acorss the big street from Costco. Not sure how to tell you. On the same street there is an Autobac and Barista HQ. Yes, I think you have seen the Barista HQ across from COSTCO in Neihu right? Go down that street a little ways looking for Barista’s 1st floor shop about two buildings down. Now across the street from there is kind of next to the TW Deco place there is a garden shop that has loads of umbrellas and so on. Look carefully as there might have the stuff outsid the shop for you to see.

Costco from time to time also has some of the best quality affordable table umbrellas.

You can also thumb though Taiwan interior design magazines at your local Eslite bookstore looking for ads of the companies that have these.