Can't find my driver's license, can I use my ARC to rent a scooter?

I have both taiwan driver’s license and scooter license but i changed wallets and now cant find them. I’m heading to Hengchun. Is it possible to rent a scooter on my ARC and passport? Is my ARC connected at all?

strictly speaking, no.
stores have been known to turn a blind eye, but you are taking a risk.
ARC is not connected to the license.


You can get a replacement within 10 mins but that won’t help if you need it this weekend. You not have a photo of it you can print out and try and explain what happened, anything is worth a try. As @izzy say’s some will be ok some not, try not to loose the scooter :wink:

There are many scooter rental places here. I’m sure you can find a place that will rent to you. Also, you can always rent an electric one without a driver’s license.

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Have you registered on WeMo or GoShare? They keep ARC and driving licence on storage so you can use their scooters with a click.


Most places want some ID.

If you’re going alone or with foreign friends or local friends, just go around to different shops and try. If you can’t do in Hengchun, go down to Kenting street and they will almost throw something at you.

If you’re still desperate and no success, just keep walking around scooter shops Hengchun, might not be rental place but one of them will let you use a bike. Well if you’re nice about it.

Will that even be the case if he just lost his physical license, but still has one in principle? Should be similar as driving when leaving the license at home, right?

Technically no, they’re supposed to sight proof that he holds a valid licence which is definitively the physical licence.

Yeah, but if he actually gets stopped by the police or gets into an accident, he shouldn’t have any issues just because he lost the physical card, right? I mean the police should be able to verify that he holds a valid driver’s license without relying on the physical card.

So it’s only the store owner who could get in trouble, I would assume.

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everyone will get in trouble.
even though the police can verify you have a license, driving without one is against the law.
the store will also get in trouble for not verifying this.

Well there’s your answer, you’re not supposed to drive without your licence on you.

I dont think there is any punishement though for not having license with you. Below is from 2013 Taipei Times article.

“Motorists also do not have to pay a fine of NT$300 to NT$600 (US$10 to US$20) if they forget to carry their driver’s license or registration card after the Legislative Yuan passed an amendment to the Act Governing Punishments for Violations of Road Traffic Regulations (道路交通管理處罰條例) in April.”


Maybe this was an exception, but I went to Xiaoliuqiu a couple of weeks ago and had to show my license to rent a Gogoro.

The funny thing is that none of the locals were wearing helmets, even right in front of cops. Ah, small island life.

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Im guessing that gogoro is classified differently than the other lower speed electric scooters.

Hey guys thanks for all the feedback. The scooter shop didnt even look at it lol Got to ride around fine. Now i gotta get my licenses printed at the DMV in Hsinchu. My favorite place in the world

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They are more expensive scooters haha. Dont put too much into it. Most places will also check after there have been deaths or serious accidents involving police being troubled for a few months. Otherwise, just rent cheap old scooters, they rarely care. Assuming you actually do have a license and are legal etc etc.

Ps. I always have to pay the $300 fine when i get nabbed not having my license on my body through certain checkpoints. Its rather annoying when driving other peoples vehicles etc.