Can't keep it up all night

i’d like to use my P2P overnight so as to download when i sleep,but my laptop keeps logging off

i changed the settings in control panel to “never” in all the energy saving options,but still,it logs off,hence stopping the downloads

i use limewire pro if that helps

Have a Hinet package with a dynamic IP? If so, they tend to disconnect you every 24 hours or so and give you a new IP address. Not much you can do about it except make your connection auto-reconnect and make your apps do the same.

Aren’t there router’s that auto-reconnect and also have large HDD’s with bit-torrent clients that can download everything u want even with your PC off?

Brendon, he was talking about his laptop logging off, not his cable connection.

That’s asinine! Why wouldn’t they just assign you the new IP the next time you log on? :loco: You’d think they were run by the government or something.

yeah,it’s my laptop
after a while,if i move the mouse,it comes up on the screen that you have to select the user

See this is why I have to stop posting at 4am.

If it is “logging off” perhaps the laptop is set for stand by mode. That would log out of windows but not shut down the laptop, but I thought the connection would remain active.

He has to move the mouse and the user screen comes up it sounds like the laptop is set to standby…if you set it to “always on” in windows and the standby mode is turned off maybe it is default for the laptop to go into standby after “x” amount of time. Check the Bios see if there is any settings in there.


I forgot there is also a check box that says “On resume display Welcome screen” if your still using your screen saver try turning that off as well.

oh thanks.i think i got it

it wasn’t under power options
it was in the display menu

i set screensaver to none,we’ll see if that solves it

It’s absolutely common practice. They also sell “static” IPs at a higher price. If people could run servers on a dynamic IP by just never logging out, HiNet wouldn’t be able to sell their static IPs any longer. So they assign you another IP address after 24h…

The trick that I use (never overnight though, but for an hour or two it seems to work) is to have a video in media player on repeat… it overrides the standby and screensavers…

on mine, I have managed to turn the standby off, but even turning off the screensaver it still turns the screensaver on~ dunno why~ so I learnt to do that…

my desktop never has any problems though~

that’s what i used to do as well,but you’d think that a P2P connection actively downloading stuff would be enough to count as being “active”

anyway,what i did seems to have sorted the problem.thanks to all

ok… try this… I found it this morning while trying to figure out why my brightness auto-set itself to “save-battery” levels, when I was plugged into AC…

does your laptop have one of those programs that changes settings depending on your battery etc.? Mine’s called “power 4 gear+ utility”… anyway, in there, there’s a setting for screensaver and video time out~… maybe you can find something in there… there’s also “standby timeout” and “hibernation timeout” in mine…

yeah,i see we both got ASUS.
anyway the cure was to change the settings from the screensaver

cool… glad it’s sorted… so what’s that avatar from?

i found it on a website a while back after a string of PC police interventions to tell me i was really naughty,so i chose this one as it was rather funny

i later was told it’s from a dutch movie,if i recall well

how 'bout urs?
is that a pimped-up 50cc?