Can't see banners (monitor problem?)

Anyone ever had the problem of not being able to see/view banners on a website?

I just got a new computer, a new Twinhead thin monitor and installed XP for the first time, so I have no idea where the source of the problem could be.

Anyone have any idea?

It’s the most bizarre occurrance. Is there a function on XP perhaps that enables one to “turn off” banners?

The computer parts are as follows:

Memory (Kingston PC2700 DDR 512MB )
Hard Drive (Western Digital 1200JB ULTRA-ATA/100 7200RPM8MB Buffer)
Floppy 3.5 drive
Processor - AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7VRX VIA KT333 / 8233A AMD SOCKET A DDR333 1AGP/5PCI/4UDMA 3DIMM ATX

Don’t know if that helps.


If you’re using IE (M$ Internet Explorer), click on ‘Tools’ --> ‘Internet Options’, then click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Scroll down to ‘Multimedia’. See if you have the box next to ‘Play animations in webpages’ and ‘Show pictures in webpages’ checked. If not, check 'em.

Hi jeepers, I checked the menu option you suggested and everything looked fine, so I don’t think that was the problem but appreciate the help.

Someone else suggested that I check the Norton Antivirus Program that comes with XP for an ad blocking feature and sure enough it was “enabled”.

And yet even after I “disabled” it, I am still unable to see the ads on the Homepage of both ORIENTED.COM and my personal site, which I find particularly odd because I CAN see the ads in all of the second-level pages… just not the Homepages.

Sigh… very frustrating.


Alright Gus… I just tried to link O R I E N T E D . C O M and instead what is displayed “that lady from the South” line HELLO?! Help me out here! :unamused:

Yo… do I need to capitalize the word like Sandman now???


I guess your problem is that you need to download the Java plugin for your IE, by default XP doesn’t support Java plugin, so you might try download and install it from: