Can't tell if people are replying to me or to my topic

Hi @tempogain, I was wondering if it’s possible to change the ‘reply’ icons on the notifications centre. I’ve noticed that the icon for replying to a topic I created and replying to me are the same. Especially if it’s in a topic I create, I can’t tell who is saying what to who.

While this example is obvious because the topics are different, I created Wack Things in Taiwan 2019, If I say something there, and someone replies, it could be to me or to another poster and the icons would look the same. Is it possible to make the two icons distinctive?

There can only be one @Icon. I tend to just use the reply arrow if I’m on my phone , but it’s clearer to quote maybe , when replying sometimes . Yes it can be a little confusing

Hmm, not by me. It might be possible though. I’ll bring it up with our technical team