Capetown Jewelry in Danshui

Cape Town Jewelry, located in romantic Tamsui, Taipei, is one of the best places in Taiwan for finding quality, GIA approved, world-class, fine jewelry at discounted prices. A traditional Taiwanese family owned business, highly regarded and well known in the local community for their integrity and unquestionable business ethics. Cape Town Jewelry offers a wide selection of contemporary fine jewelry pieces at affordable prices. When in Taipei take a romantic nighttime stroll along the Tamsui River and be sure to visit Cape Town Jewelry for one of the best deals of your life. English speaking services, ( great discounts, 30-day money back guarantee, available online, all major credit cards accepted. Be sure to ask about our Special Delivery Service and Special Discount for all Holidays, Wedding, and Anniversary jewelry.

Cape Town Jewelry a name you can trust!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Cape Town Jewelry (Taiwan)
No. 102 Chongjian St., Tamsui
Taipei, Taiwan 251

TEL: (02) 2622-3351
FAX: (02) 2626-6286

Cape Town is a city in South Africa… what’s the connection?

Sorry to sound so formal but this was just copied from my website:

Hi! This is Ricky. I’m a long-time resident of Taiwan from the US and my wife, Heidi, is Taiwanese from the East Coast. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions about Cape Town Jewelry Taiwan. We made our website mainly to inform Taiwan visitors, tourist, and the Ex-pat Foreign Community of Taiwan where you can find professional, quality, fine jewelry; the same you will find in name brand jewelry outlets and department stores across the island, but at a friendly discount and a fraction of the price. The owner and original founder of Cape Town Jewelry Taiwan is Heidi’s Aunt, whom is affectionately known by many in Taipei as “Aunty Diamond”. (What a jewel of an English name. Ha!) Originally, through a close friend and former classmate, Aunty Diamond slowly built up her Cape Town Jewelry business by buying jewelry from her friend in Cape Town and began selling to family, friend and close associates. Over the years this small homegrown business has flourished as one of Taipei’s best discount jewelry shops. For more information, pricing, or online services visit the Cape Town Jewelry Shop in Tamsui or online at tw.

P.S. Do they have any soccer teams for kids in the Kaohsiung area? I have 9 year old boy who really wants to get onto a team. If you know anything please let me know. Thanks. – Ricky

Many of the world’s diamonds come from South Africa, and Capetown is probably the most well-known city in that country.

Name of business:
Cape Town Jewelry Taiwan
Discount Jewelry Store and Online Jewelry Shop
Diamond Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Jade Jewelry, Gemstones Jewelry, Ruby Jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, wedding jewelry, engagement bands, gold and silver jewelry, quality GIA approved jewelry
Cape Town Jewelry (Taiwan)
No. 102 Chongjian St., Tamsui
Taipei, Taiwan 251
TEL: (02) 2622-3351
FAX: (02) 2626-6286
URL: (additional English services)

Is this place legit?

Do you guys sell silver?

Hi Tony,
Don’t know if you are still around after all these years but Cape Town Jewelry is legit but I don’t think they deal with silver or silver coins specifically. If you are still interested let me know and I’ll find out for you. I just got back online with this Forumosa post after all these years. Best regards, Ricky.Heidi

Dear Forumosa Community and Moderators:
I lost contact with this post until recently when I found my ID and password. First, I want to say thank you for your support to my wife’s family jewelry business over these many years as so many have made contact with us through reading this post. Thank you!

As it has been many years since this original post I would like to update and edit some content. I don’t know how to best do this? But for now please note a new English website has been made to show the latest information and types of jewelry pieces available at Cape Town Jewelry Taipei. (

Please advise if I can edit my original post above or if I should make a new one and post it under a new jewelry category? Welcome to enjoy the luxury jewelry, excellent customer service, and incredible discount prices at Cape Town Jewelry in Taipei’s Tamsui District. For further information in Chinese you may still continue to visit