Car culture in Taiwan

I’d put this in Events or WCIF but I’m interested in car events anywhere in Taiwan.
Is there a national race track? What’s the nearest equivalent?
Cars and coffee anywhere?
Drifting or any other racing events?
Modified or classic car shows?
That type of thing…
Anyone know of any and especially any good ones?

There’s no Cars and Coffee here that I know of, but I was actually thinking about starting one. The hardest part is finding a place with parking that’s free ha.

They have car meets at some of the rest stops on Saturday nights.

I do know there’s pretty regular rally racing around the island that an acquaintance of mine is into. There’s also a track at Lihpao in Taichung. I’m not sure how often actual races happen there. Once a year, there’s a “big” meet put on by EMC (Sunny - famous Taiwanese guy). Just happened a month ago. Things happen, but the car culture isn’t the same as other countries.

I’ve heard from one guy, he said there’s not really any national race tracks and such, which is why those midnight illegal street races are such a big problem. Car culture here consists of rich spoiled brats driving their cars at dangerous speeds midnight when there are less traffic.

He thinks that the government should build race tracks so they can race on it instead of endangering others through illegal street races.

No thanks, Taiwan has enough reckless drivers.

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They call it 2-A-M :sweat_smile:

There are tracks here, but mostly insanely expensive to rent out and more. Arich man’s sport. Less so a public spectator event. Even the Dapeng in pingtung is less and less active due to price and also not often public.

That’s what my friend was complaining about. He said the government has no support for racing, and so people are forced to race on highways at 2am, and of course put stickers on their license plate so the cameras don’t catch them.

There was a cars & coffee last week in Taiching (albeit small). I follow a few classic cars groups on FB, and occasionally there will be some get-togethers.

On a side note, if you are looking for a site to host an event, I have space, in Hsinchu county. It can be a nice idea!


Street racing will always happen. People who build race cars would go to the tracks, but there will always be dumb fauks racing late at night. It won’t solve the problem. Definitely hasn’t in the U.S.

I do enjoy late-night meets though. It’s nice to meet new people.

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It would be cool to do some sort of foreigner meet. Unfortunately my car is boring and slow since I can’t find a way to pass inspection when having a heavily modified car…but as said above, it would be cool to meet new people.

Yeah it would be cool. Personally I like all sorts of cars, even stock old and slow ones! It takes all sorts.

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Motorcycle scene probably much more exciting than car here… events and such all the time, if you actually want to go to them. I personally generally don’t but for someone who likes that kinda stuff, it’s certainly out there.

I’ve been to Lihpao and seen motorcycle racing there, but idk if the track does cars or not. It’s pretty narrow so I’d imagine it’d not be very exciting for cars, idk though.

You get some car drivers doing interesting shit but most modded cars I’ve seen here are just made to be loud and shit. Not particularly interesting mods. Just me though. If it’s anything like bikes, Taiwan probably restricts the types of mods one can do quite a bit.

Totally. Mostly farther pipes, glued on plastic and paint. There are exceptions.

Recently my favorite mod vehicles are the temple stuff. They go further than others. But for the youngins, probably just considered parade floats.

Racing calendar at Lihpao Racing Park 麗寶國際賽車場

Last weekend event broadcast

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