Car Insurance for foreigners

Hi All,

I am planning to buy third-party accidental insurance for my car apart from compulsory insurance. Can anyone suggest to me which bank insurance is better and foreigner friendly?


I use Fubon for personal, scooter and car insurance. Insurance is an actual business so all banks will probably welcome foreigners with open arms.

I just bought 3rd party insurance from Cathay Century Insurance last week for NT$5202 for a period of 1 year which covers 3rd party Injury (1.5Million), Death (3Million), damage/loss to the other party (200K) and free towing upto 3 times, each time for a maximum payout of 20K.

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Thank you frank. I got quotes from Fubon and Nanshan banks. Just wondering which one will be good and was thinking to check with Cathay insurance and see what they are going to offer. The driver injury claim (in case of hospitalization) from Fubon is 100,000 NTD one-time payoff and from Nanshan is 2000/day. The other items are more or less similar.

Hi, thank you for the info. Let me check with Cathay, what they will offer. May I know, how did you approach Cathay insurance? Is it online insurance?

The agent is a friend of my colleague who introduced me to her. I’m not sure if she can speak English though…I did all my transaction with her in Chinese. If you can speak Chinese or know a friend who can, I can introduce you to her.

Oh, that will be great. I live in Hsinchu, was thinking to find someone here. If I don’t find any, I will contact your friend.

OK! I will PM you her details

Just apply online and use google translate if you need. Cathay and Fubon now allow online applications.

Please use it as this took a lot of complaining for them to allow us smelly foreigners to apply online and allow us take advantage of the discounts previously only open for Taiwanese…

So low

That all? Your funeral! Always take out the “excess insurance!” That’s my 2 cents (and doesn’t cost much more) or you could end up like this guy…

200k won’t cover this.

My insurance covers me up to 15,000,000 for damages to property