Car&motorcycle licenses renewing after expiry

Hi guys!
My wife is Taiwanese. We lived in Taiwan before and I had an ARC for 6 seven years. My ARC is expired and didnt renew since we live in another country. We are planning to go back to Taiwan soon. I already got my resident visa which has special permit during Covid-19.
I got car and motorcycle licenses when I was in Taiwan. Expiry date of motorcyle license is 15.05.2018 and for the car is 15.05.2021. Is it possible for me to renew the licences without exams when I get my new ARC? Thanks.

From the Taipei city Motor Vehicles Office

  1. Since July 1st, 2013, the general driving licenses and motorcycle driving licenses that are newly issued or have been issued were exempted from renewal except the provision on the items 2 stated next. All the licenses are valid after the expiration until the holder’s 75th birthday. A citizen who is elder than 75 years old has to renew their driving license every 3 years.

  2. Professional drivers, foreigners who have not obtain alien resident certificate, people from Mainland China, residences in Hong Kong or Macau or nationals with no household registration in the Taiwan area who obtain driving license in our country, and those who are punished permanently prohibited from driving license test apply for re-test and obtain one-year driving license shall maintain the regulation of periodic renewal. They should apply for renewal before expiration. No driving is allowed after the driving license is expired.