Car rental that'll allow pickup in Taichung/dropoff Taipei

Don’t need English service. My Chinese is good enough.

Just an agency (international brand - Hertz maybe?) that will allow us to pick up a car at Taichung HSR station and drop it off in Taipei…or even Yilan.

We want to drive via Puli to the mountains - Dayuling, Hehuanshan, Lishan, Fushoushan Farm, Wuling and down to Yilan and finally back to Taipei, but we’re happy to take the bus from Yilan as well.

There’s a bus on this route but it’s annoying as **** to deal with and only comes twice a day…but we don’t want to have to drive all the way back to Taichung to drop off the car!


Carplus (格上租車) does it (Chinese: Good cars, good service, all the legally required insurance, used them several times, although we always returned the car were we rented it.

I’m pleased to say that our rentals are half the price of the cheapest car at Carplus. We don’t do a one way service though, so sorry about that.

That’s really cheap, although there wasn’t a big selection of cars. But that’s probably the reason you can be so cheap. I might consider using your services next time. Does the insurance also include theft insurance so i don’t have to buy you a new car if the one I’m renting is stolen? At least in the past, not every car rental included that insurance.

No theft insurance. But then my cars are not sought after often by thieves anyway. The deduction on most expensive rentals is also generally more than it would cost to replace my cars. I just make sure they are double locked and that’s good enough for me.

Thanks all!

I do want to rent a car with theft insurance. We’re getting married in a month and can’t afford to deal with things like a stolen car or a break-in or damage etc…

I’ve rented with Car Plus - they’re really nice. They gave us a Yaris last time (to drive to Kending) but this time we’re looking at the mountains so we’ll need something with more power. (The Yaris had “the engine of a blender” to quote my friend.)