Does anyone know where i can get a bottle of pure cream??? not the whipped cream.

Also, I live in Taichung, so anything in Taipei is out of the question.


Here in Taipei pretty much all supermarkets (Wellcome etc) carry small boxes of cream, often President brand from France, or Anchor brand from New Zealand. It’s typically found in the cooler with the cheese/dairy products. I imagine Taichung is the same?

Hahaha - cream… Taiwan… that’s funny!

Welcome do have something that they pass as cream, but it’s just not the right stuff that you’d use in Cabonnara! When it is available, it’s normally low grade stuff!

Just do it the Taiwanese way (cough cough) and use milk powder instead yum yum! I’ve complained about many restaurants using substances other than real cream for their ‘cream’ based sauces, my Taiwanese friends often annoying come back with ~ it’s probably because we don’t like real cream ~ it’s to heavy ect ect!


I guess I stand corrected with the creamless cabonnara… but I’m pretty sure most of the cream-based sauce pastas that I’ve had in Taiwan have been made with milk powder or something silmilar ~ as I couldn’t taste anything even remotely creamy.

I have had decent pasta at Macaronni (Neo 19)

Real Italian carbonara doesn’t even use cream anyway.

Yeah…what he said…no cream, Just cheese and eggs - it gets creamy because the egg cooks a bit on the hot noodle.

Carrefour tends to carry their own brand stuff in little containers, they had it when I lived in Taoyuan, so they might have it down your way too. They even had a “full” fat and a cooking (lower fat) version.

I was pretty certain the cabonara I had before ~ had cream in it, so I looked up some online ‘traditional cabonara’ recipes (yes I googled it) and it turns out that some cabonara recepies do use cream, others just use melted butter and eggs.

So… I don’t stand corrected.

Thanks guys,

I’ll go down to carrefour and look harder tomorrow.

Anyway, do you see taiwaness people watching a taiwaness eating carbonarra??? Maybe I love my food so much that I will eat anything or try anything, including witchy grubs and goannas.

If my carbonnara is working, everyone is welcome to my house.

I worked at the Macaroni grill in the U.S. for two years, and as I recall their Carbonara recipe was basically just egg added to alfredo sauce (asiago, and parmesan) with linguine. There’s probably some heavy whipping cream in there too though.

The first section tells the story: no cream in Italy, sometimes used elsewhere. Since you’ve come as far as Taiwan, you can go a bit further and do it the Italian way i guess :slight_smile: