Carburetor engineering- anyone know how to fix a blind spot?

there is a blind spot above the pilot jet. i can fix it by changing jets but when I do, it causes rich spots in other positions. anyone have any ideas? I’m not afraid to try weird things.
here is what i’m dealing with, to the best of my drawing/estimating ability … r/jets.jpg

here is what happens when I try to make it any richer … ets2-1.jpg

try to copy the img code instead of the link :wink:

Witch jets are you changing?

Try moving the needle up or down one groove. Take it out, move the circlip one way or the other and reinstall. You can also try tuning it out with the pilot air screw.
Are you 100% sure you have no air leaks on either side of the carb, in vacuum hoses etc.?

Not sure I understand the question, and the links were inacessible to me so I’d have thought its rather vague even for an expert (which I certainly am not Edit: I can’t even spell carburettor consistently) to answer.

Do you mean “flat spot”?

You dont specify the type, make, or model of carburretor (!)

If its an “accelerator pump” type of carburretor, is the pump working (diaphragm intact, passages clear)?