Career Change

What options, if any, are avaliable to the english teacher who wants to move into another line of work…i mean if i get bored after a couple of years teaching, will i be able to find something different? after all teaching is just my travel ticket. My degree is in psycholgy (what a waste of 3 years that was) but contrary to my postings on this board, i am a good writer…e.g. i could write for a newspaper or something. Im just interested in knowing what those non teachers are doing…do you have other qualifications that allow you to avoid teaching?

I just read a message in the legal section by Chung, a Canadian turned rice farmer. Sounds interesting.
A while back I was reading about people who got into translation work. Seems it can be quite lucrative.
Check out the guy who wrote a book with a title like “I Love Taiwan”. (Do a web search under Taiwan Ho!). Maybe when you get here you can find him hawking copies at a night market if he’s still around.
I’m not sure where this came from, but I’ve had a strange fantasy of having my friends and family send me all kinds of cheap Chinese-produced junk at Walmart and setting myself up at a night market. In this dream, I’m singing Broadway tunes and downing gallons of zhen zhu nai cha.
You’re the psychologist; what do you think this means?

“Xiang Ji Pai! lai lai lai! Xiang Ji Pai!” You could sell those fried chicken patties on a street corner. You’d attract customers cause they’d be curious if a foreigner was selling them.

I had a friend that sold veggies at the local morning market in hualian. He said at first no one dared buy from him, but once the “ice” was broken, business was good.