Caregivers in Taiwan at risk

This is just not right ! “Escape”? She is prevented from “escaping” from her employer. She is not a slave ! No caregiver should have to “escape” from her employers.

IS she being held as a sex slave one wonders? edit: WAS as she is now DEAD.

Caregivers should have two days off a week and should at all times be FREE to move around at will.

If she does not return to her place of employment, she is at risk of deportation. It is not the job of her employers to withhold her passport or restrict her personal movements.

IT should not be a JAIL for caregivers in Taiwan. If it is, and it seems to be. IT is the fault of the TW govt. And INdonesia should not allow it’s people to be under slavery.

I understand maids in HK are all off on Sundays and gather around with their friends.

It seems this 32 year old woman was held against her will ! And perhaps even being abused physically, even sexually !

Their movements must not be restricted. They are NOT slaves and their place of
WORK should not be a JAIL


Domestic helpers in “China dominated” Hong Kong enjoy much better social benefits and protection than in the “only Chinese democracy”, they even get 10 weeks of maternity leave, paid annual leave, severance pay, etc. The Taiwan government refuses to include domestics under the labor laws.

Indeed. If she needed to escape, it was because her employer surely locked her in, which is customary. Then a fire happens…

I wonder if someone threw her stuff out and she tried to retrieve it. Or worse.

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Right cause most buildings just have 1 security guard, I’m sure it would be easier to run out the door really quick vs climbing down 11 floors off the balcony. Something doesn’t seem right about the story… She could just bring a stick or bat with her as she went down just to say “Don’t mess with me” as she runs out…

She was only allowed out to throw out the garbage… That is really awful.

Yes perhaps they threw her and her stuff out the balcony

Warrants a careful examination and investigation

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