Carrot Cake

Anyone come across anyplace that sells carrot cake? Preferably a bakery, but I would even settle for it as dessert in a restaurant. Only one restaurant, that I know of, used to have it on their dessert menu, Dan Ryan’s, but they dropped it years ago. I really miss it and never see it anywhere else. I would really love to find a bakery that sells it either by the slice or a whole cake. Has anyone seen any?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

I’ve not seen it anywhere and now make my own. There are many receipes online but I usually add some crushed pineapple also. It makes it more moist and adds a nice compliment to the carrot flavor. I actually won a cooking award bake-off with this. If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll post the receipe in the Food Forum.

Enigma wrote:

Sounds good Enigma. Would love to see it whenever you get time.

Have you tried Citysky Cafe? Just call in advance, 2516-0960, or PM the owner, whose Forumosa name is VW. I bet she can set you up.

The American club Terrace restaurant as well as does their Mini-Grocery store both sell a really nice carrot cake.

I posted the carrot cake receipe in The Food Forum under Sweet Treats for the Small Kitchen. Enjoy!