Casanova in Tien Mu

Anyone heard of this restaurant? I was told it has a really good Couscous. I lived in North Africa for a little while and long for a good couscous.
Anyone’s been there?

I thought this was a thread about another lonely heart looking for a mate. I guess it still could be, dependant on your interpretation of “a good couscous”. :wink:

Nope, my heart is taken man! The couscous, if good, will only serve to refresh memories of cool nights near the African desert. :sunglasses:

They have couscous (and real Bulgur cracked wheat) in the supermarket in the basement of the Far Eastern Mall, but you’d have to make it yourself (supremely simple).

I know the place you’re talking about. The thing is couscous is not that easy to make, you need the proper equipement. You can however, you’re right, make one yourself but far away from the real thing. :wink:

A bit off topic but all the more need for a cooking forum.

Here are a couple of recipes.

recipe 1

recipe 2

As mentioned there are numerous ways to make couscous. However, as noted by the second recipe, a colander can be substituted for the special couscous pot. You might want to give it a shot.

Thanks for that. I’ve been at a bit of a loss since Carrefour in Tienmu stopped stocking it. :notworthy:

Thanks for that. I’ve been at a bit of a loss since Carrefour in Tianmu stopped stocking it. :notworthy:[/quote]
They also have a good variety of hard-to-find dried beans in the same section – haricot, flageolet, even butter beans. You don’t normally find these in the local grain stores. Pulses too – red, yellow, brown and even the wonderful earthy-tasting puy lentils.