Cash to friends

:?: What’s the easy -cheap way to get cash to friends taiwan to thailand??


I sent some money to a %*@&$#-up friend in Bangkok via the ICBC bank. My friend and i had no account but i went to their branch on An-Ho Rd Sec 1 and sent the loot to their branch in Bangkok. I gave them his full name and passport number and he went in and collected it the next day.

Not particularly safe, easy or cheap (i think it cost an extra NT$200) but it worked.

Western Union is everywhere in Thailand. I am not sure where they have branches in Taipei, but I am sure there is at least one. Their commission can be a bit steep.

If it is only a small amount of money you can just put some cash in an envelope. Other options are a bank to bank transfer. Very easy to do at most banks in Taiwan (as mentioned above). Or get a international bank draft or money order and send it that way.