Cashiers checking your money at 7/11, Family Mart

Is checking small bills to see if they’re fake super common here? It seems like the workers at 7/11 are always checking the money I give them even if it’s just a pink $100 bill!

I’ve only ever experienced this with really large bills back in the states, do they just not trust foreigners here or do they do this to everyone?

They check them very often, I think it’s a habit.

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have no fear… not everything in Taiwan is aimed at foreigners. It’s a common thing.
Perhaps more worried about fake NT$ coming into the country from that ogre across the strait

Fake bills are not that common as fake 50 NTD coins.

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Don’t assume because it’s a small bill that there won’t be fakes.

I have seen plenty of fake 100nt bills during my time here.

And I’ve seen plenty of fake 20 and 100 dollar bills (older style of course) when I worked at Walmart. Far more than I have in Taiwan in fact.

Yes they do print them off with inkjet printers and if you aren’t paying attention you will be fooled.

If they accept a fake note it often gets deducted from their wages.

Fake 100 and 500 imo is more common for the average person. Because most people don’t check and they stay in circulation more. 1000 fakes get nabbed quickly.

I remember back in the day it had a poster telling you how to use the security features on bills to spot fakes, and there was a thing about how counterfeiting is punishable by death…

Is that still true?

At 300k per million you bet there are a lpt of buyers trying it out for fun.

Last time they refused to accept my NT$100 coin…


What’s the Chinese for ‘fake bill’, anyone know? That’s the sort of thing that’s impossible to look up in the dictionary…

假鈔 (jiǎchāo)

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